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Fortune Hill

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Fortune Hill Online Slot Game

Fortune Hill is an online slot game that has a magical fantasy theme and brightly coloured graphics. The game begins with an introductory film which tells the story that the slot is based on. It was developed by Playtech and has a five reel and three row grid with twenty five pay lines.

Fortune Hill online slot game features an auto play button which can set the reels to spin a predetermined number of times and a turbo mode function which will have the game play faster by deactivated certain features like the winning animations and so on.

Look and Feel of Fortune Hill

The Fortune Hill reels are transparent and are set alongside a watermill on a grassy landscape with a mountain peak in the far distance. An elf stands to the left of the reels in front of his hut and the wizard’s tree house is seen further off.  The function buttons below the reels are made up of rocks and a small wooden bridge along a river.

The graphics are bright and colourful and feature the characters in a cartoonlike way. They come alive with animation when a winning combination lands and when certain character symbols appear on the reels.

On the Fortune Hill Reels

The Fortune Hill online slot symbols include the standard nine to ace playing card icons which make up the lower valued symbols; a pipe; a pocket watch and the main characters the wizard; the elf; the fairy and the ogre. The wizard is the highest valued symbol that awards the jackpot prize of 5 000 coins and he acts as the game’s wild symbol. The free games rainbow symbol activates the free spins bonus round and magic mushroom symbol activates the bonus game.

All winning combinations must have landed on an active pay line to pay out and must be three or more consecutive symbols running from the furthest left reel. The highest valued combination pays for multiple wins on one pay line but wins on multiple pay lines are accumulated and paid out accordingly.

The Variety of Bonus Features

The Fortune Hill watermill acts a wheel of fortune where after every spin the indicator will point to a section on the wheel. Some of the sections hold special icons that award specific prizes. The wizard’s hat is worth three re-spins that come with freezing reels and extra wilds. The money bag gives a random money prize worth anything up to 6x the initial bet. The wand awards either a random money prize or expanding wilds that will appear on the second and fourth reels. The watermill also can award multipliers of up to 4x.

The magic mushroom symbol appearing on reels one and five simultaneously will activate the mushroom bonus game. The aim is to help the elf steal mushrooms from the ogre’s cave. Every mushroom selected will award a prize and the game will end when a picked mushroom reveals a mole which will wake the ogre from sleep.

The rainbow symbols need to appear on the first, third and fifth reels simultaneously to get eight free spins initially. If the Fortune Hill watermill awards a multiplier on the activating spin then the multiplier is set in place for the duration of the free spins round. The watermill also has additional sections that may award a further two; three; four or eight free spins after every spin.

Black Gold

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Black Gold Has Struck

Black Gold is an online slot title by Net Entertainment, the same developers of the hit title Boom Brothers. Black Gold is about n ageing oil prospector named Bill and his trusty horse. They are trying to strike it lucky out in the desert and you must help them. Black Gold features the iconic Net Entertainment 3-D graphics engine that has made their games so popular. Black Gold features five reels and thirty pay lines that can be activated. The backgrounds feature Bill and his steeds as well as his oil rig in the background. The music is suitable country themed and a good accompaniment to the on screen spins.

The Free Spins Bonus Feature

The free spins bonus feature in Black Gold is triggered by the barn symbol.  The barn symbols act like scatter symbols, so if you get three of them anywhere on the reels, you will trigger this feature. During this free spins bonus feature, the barn symbols become wild. They will substitute the value of any symbol required to make a winning combination that they are part of. Additionally the barn symbol will add a bonus multiplier to any winning combination it is part of. The multipliers stack for every win and you can potentially earn an up to 10 X multiplier. Once the free spins bonus feature is triggered in Black Gold, you cannot retrigger it during the bonus feature.

The Drilling For Oil Bonus Feature

The drill symbol activates the Drilling For Oil bonus feature. These symbols also act like scatter symbols. If you land three drill symbols anywhere on the reels, this bonus feature will trigger. You will be presented with three oil drill symbols. Click on one of them and a prize will be revealed.

The Black Gold Bonus Round

The Black Gold Bonus Round is activated by landing the Oil Pump symbol on reels one, two and five and the unique bonus feature will trigger. During this bonus phase you need to pick weather the numbers that appear on screen will be higher or lower than the number displayed. Four hits or four misses in a row will end the bonus feature.

The Center Reel Re-spin Feature.

Whenever you hit a winning combination you will get a free re-spin on the center reel. With every re-spin you will get a stacking multiplier in the right hand corner. You can earn a maximum of a 5x multiplier this way. The re-spin does not trigger during the free spins round.

The Black Gold Pay Symbols

The symbols on the reels in Black Gold are themed around the Wild West and the life of Billy the prospector. The no trespassing sign, the steer horns and the oil pump valve are the lowest valued symbols. They pay out ten, twenty five and fifty coins respectively. This is their maximum payout for five matching symbols on an activated pay line. Billy’s ten gallon hat, the full oil barrels and Billy’s trusty steed are next in line. They are worth eighty, a hundred and two hundred coins respectively. The highest value symbol is the prospector Billy himself who will pay out four hundred coins for five matching symbols.

Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders

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The Epic Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders

Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders is a colourful tropically themed online slot game from Microgaming that combines slot reels with the classic board game. The game features free spins, wilds and great bonuses. The slot features five reels and fifteen pay lines you can activate.

The Big Kahuna Wild Symbol

The Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders Symbol is worth fifty coins if you line up three of them on an activated pay line. Four symbols will get you five hundred coins and five will pay an incredible 5000 coins. The Big Kahuna symbol also acts as the game’s wild symbol. It will take on the value of any symbol required to complete a winning combination it is part of. When it does, the Big Kahuna Wild will double the winning total. Additionally the Big Kahuna Wild will become a 4x multiplier if it is part of any winning combination during the free spins round. The Big Kahuna wild will substitute for any symbol except the Snakes symbol.

The Free Spins In Big Kahuna

Free spins are awarded at random in Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders. The game will randomly award you five free spins to take advantage of. During the free spins round your wins will be doubled for the five spins. However the free spins and the game’s main bonus feature, the Snakes And Ladders Quest Feature, cannot be triggered simultaneously.

The Snakes And Ladders Bonus Feature

The main bonus feature in Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders is the Snakes and Ladders Bonus round. If you can land the snakes and ladders symbol on reels one, three and five, this bonus feature will trigger. The aim of this game of snakes and ladder s is to retrieve the stolen mask of the big kahuna. The bonus feature plays just like a real game of snakes and ladders. You will need to roll dice to progress through the play screen. You get five dice rolls to take and progress up the volcanic mountain. The higher you go the bigger the win multiplier at the end. As with the traditional game, if you land on a ladder you can progress upwards. Land on a snake and you will be taken to the bottom. If the player rolls a six on the die, they will get an additional roll, up to a maximum of two extra rolls. You can earn up to a 100x multiplier if you reach the end of the snakes and ladder game. Players are free to end the bonus game at any time to cash out their winnings.

Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders Pay Symbols

In game the symbols on the reels are all big, bright and colourful. There are only five symbols you need to land on screen, along with the Big Kahuna Wild and the Snakes and Ladders feature trigger symbol. Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders keeps things fun and simple. There is a grinning monkey and a big green komodo dragon that each pay 300 and 500 coins respectively as a maximum pay out. The Hero and Heroin pay 700 and 1000 coins each for their maximum payout. The golden mask of the big kahuna is worth 2000 coins for five matching symbols. All symbols require at least three machines on an activated pay line in order to pay out.

Best Online Bingos

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Playing the Best Online Bingos

It used to be that bingo players had to travel to their nearest land-based casino or bingo hall to play their game of choice. However, with the advent of more advanced technology, online casinos have made it possible for these players to play bingo games in the comfort of their own homes.

The best online bingos can be played directly from any compatible PC or Apple Mac computer, but online casinos are now catering to another growing market as well. Mobile bingo games are gaining popularity with bingo players, who can access the best online bingos from their smartphones, iPads and tablets.

Online Bingo vs. Land Based Bingo

Players who choose to play the best online bingos may find some important differences between playing bingo online and playing at land-based bingo hall. Online bingo players have the ability to purchase many bingo cards for each game, and the maximum limit that applies here is usually much higher than that of land-based casinos.

Players can also buy their bingo tickets in advance for each game, which is convenient for those who are busy but don’t want to miss out on the best online bingos.

Flexible Bingo Gaming Online

Due to the mobile nature of online bingo games, players will not need to adhere to opening times or wait for long periods before their chosen games become available to them.

As casino opening hours do not apply to the online bingo realm, the best online bingos can be played at any hour of the day or night. These games need only an internet connection and a compatible computer or mobile phone to function, making them portable and easy to carry around too.

Mini Games and Online Bingo Chat Rooms

The waits between draws are also much shorter online than they are at traditional bingo halls. Between the best online bingos draws, players can play a variety of mini games like keno, slots, video poker and blackjack while they wait to see if they have won.

All certified bingo casinos also offer online bingo chat rooms, allowing players to chat with others from around the world as they play.

Bingo Games for Every Player

Another feature of the best online bingos worth noting is that every level of bingo skill is catered for online. Whether players are new to bingo or have been playing the game for years, online bingo casinos supply an extensive range of games that will appeal to any player.

Beginners may also be able to take advantage of free online bingo games before choosing to play for real money. Free games will give these players an opportunity to learn about how bingo works before they wager, and some game developers have even included tutorials in their free bingo games for beginners.

Bingo Promotions, Bonuses and Tournaments

Finally, the best online bingos players who register to play for real money will be in line for their casino’s full range of benefits. These benefits may include entry into bingo tournaments, frequent bingo promotions, competitions and no deposit bonuses for new players.

Players who have made their first cash deposit will also be sent a bingo welcome bonus, adding extra credits to their accounts with which to play.

Best Bingo

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Playing the Best Bingo Games Online

Bingo has a reputation for being a dynamic and highly social casino-type game. Having been played for decades in many regions around the world, bingo actually originated in Italy during the 16th century, stemming from the local Italian lottery game that was in vogue around that time.

That lottery game evolved into a game called beano, which was renamed bingo in 1929 after an excited player accidentally called out the latter term after filling out a winning pattern on his beano card. Today, bingo still involves competing against other players for the game’s jackpot prize, and the best bingo games can be found at a wide range of certified online casinos and bingo rooms.

Bingo for Every Player’s Schedule

As technology progresses, finding the best bingo games doesn’t always mean that players have to visit land-based casinos or bingo halls. There has been an increasing movement towards online bingo since the invention of the World Wide Web, and nowadays more and more bingo players are trying the best bingo online games for themselves.

This has allowed bingo players more flexibility when it comes to where and how they play the best bingo games online. Online bingo can be accessed 24 hours a day and from practically anywhere around the globe, allowing players to slot bingo gaming into their schedules as they see fit.

Best Bingo for PCs, Macs and Smartphones

Online bingo games may be easier to access for many players than land-based bingo games, as online casino software has made it possible for players to play bingo on a number of different devices.

As well as games optimised for PCs and Mac computers, many online casinos also offer mobile bingo games that can operate on players’ smartphones and tablets, requiring only internet connectivity to work. Most of the best bingo casinos cater to players with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems, among others.

Comprehensive Ranges of Bingo Games

The best bingo casinos also have a range of bingo games that is much more comprehensive than those of most land-based bingo halls. Players will find traditional 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo games, mini bingo, and bingo with interesting themes and features online.

Many online casinos even offer crossover bingo games, which combine parts of other casino games like blackjack with classic bingo. Additionally, all certified casinos offering bingo also provide an online chat facility so that players can chat with each other while they play.

The Best Bingo Casinos Online

Best bingo online players will also be able to use a variety of online casino services and features when registering to play bingo at reliable sites. Online casinos that offer 24 hour customer support, a wide range of payment methods and online payment encryption are typically those that also offer the best bingo games for their Canadian mobile casino players.

Signing up at a certified casino will also see players being awarded some of the best bingo welcome bonuses available online. In many cases, no deposit bonuses will also be available to those who wish to try a casino’s best bingo games for free before wagering their own hard-earned cash.

Australian Online Bingos

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Playing Australian Online Bingos

From mini 30-ball bingo games to progressive jackpot online bingo, there is a wide selection of Australian online bingos games available online. Online casinos are catering more and more to Australian bingo players, who have proven to be a large and valuable portion of the online casino market.

Due to this fact, players can find increasingly diverse and unique bingo games online, as well as casinos that have been optimized for use by players in Australia. Some of the features on offer at certified bingo casinos include round the clock customer support, Australian online bingos bonuses, and secure AU$ casino payment methods.

How to Play Online Bingo Games

Australian online bingos are played in much the same way as land-based bingo games. To begin a game of online bingo, players will need to purchase their bingo cards for one of the many games on offer. The numbers on the bingo cards will generally be selected automatically by RNG.

Once the cards have been purchased, players will simply need to wait for that game’s draw to see if they have won the jackpot. The aim of the game is to fill a predetermined pattern on the card with matching numbers from the draw, which will won the money in the game’s prize pool.

There is no need to call ‘bingo’ either – players will be notified automatically by the system if they have won.

Bingo Variations at Online Casinos

The nature of online casinos allows for a much broader variety of Australian online bingos games than those that can be found at most land-based casinos. Online bingo players can choose from multiple diverse 75-ball, 80-ball and even 90-ball variations with interesting graphics, themes and features.

Certain developers have also combined bingo with other traditional casino games like blackjack or pokies, creating unique game play that incorporates aspects of both casino games.

The Advantages of Australian Online Bingos

There are many benefits to playing Australian online bingos games that are offered exclusively by online casinos. Online bingo rooms do impose a maximum number of bingo cards that each player can buy in a single game, but this number is usually much higher than that at land-based casinos.

This means that players can purchase multiple cards for a single game, proportionately increasing their chances of winning the jackpot. Players also have the ability to buy bingo cards well in advance for each game, and can play mini games and chat to other players online while they wait for each draw to conclude.

Secure Banking, Bonuses and Support

Players of Australian online bingos can also enjoy many of the same features they are used to from land-based casinos when playing online. Licensed and certified online bingo casinos are regularly reviewed to ensure that they offer their Australian players safe and fair bingo games.

Thus, players can make use of secure Australian banking methods, without having to pay added currency conversion fees when wanting to deposit AU$. Players will be able to choose from region-specific banking methods like credit cards, prepaid cards and more, and 24 hour customer services will be available to resolve any queries.

Real money bingo players will also receive welcome bonuses and various cash promotions while they play, as well as the opportunity to participate in bingo tournaments, competitions and other promotions.

Australian Bingo

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Playing Australian Bingo Online

Casino gaming, and indeed bingo games, are two exceedingly popular pastimes among Australian players. In fact, casino gaming has been ranked as one of the most popular leisure activities enjoyed by the Australian public, with bingo included in the ranking.

To cater to the growing demand for online Australian bingo games, many online casinos have created a casino gaming experience specifically for Australians, allowing them to play bingo games in an environment suited to their region.

Australian Bingo for Computers and Smartphones

Players from South Australia to Queensland, Victoria and Australia can now play Australian bingo from their PCs, smartphones and even tablets thanks to compatible software from certified online casinos.

The best Australian bingo casinos have optimised their platforms for use on PCs, Macs and mobile operating systems like BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, ensuring that as many players as possible can access Australian bingo games from their devices.

The Services Available at Online Bingo Casinos

Australian bingo players who play at certified online casinos will have a variety of services at their disposal. Many bingo casinos offer both free and real money bingo games, allowing players to try a game free of charge before wagering their cash.

Once players do decide to make their first real money deposits, they will also become eligible for an Australian bingo welcome bonus and many other regular promotions, tournaments and giveaways.

These casinos also offer services like safe and secure online banking, encryption to protect players’ details, and RNG to randomise the outcome of every bingo draw. Customer support services will also be on call at any time of the day or night for Australian bingo players.

Online Bingo Variations and Jackpots

One of the benefits of playing Australian bingo at online casinos is that online casinos are capable of offering a much wider selection of bingo games than their land-based counterparts. Created by leading developers and featuring unique themes, graphics and bonus features, players will find 30 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo variations online.

Some online bingo games have preset, fixed jackpot amounts that can be won, while others offer progressive jackpots that grow constantly as more bingo players join the game in question. Certain online casinos even offer crossover bingo games that combine bingo with popular casino games like pokies, blackjack and roulette.

Benefits Unique to Online Australian Bingo

There are a few other notable benefits to playing Australian bingo at online casinos. Firstly, online bingo games allow players to purchase bingo tickets in advance, which is unique to online bingo. Players can also purchase multiple tickets for each separate bingo game, which may increase their chances of winning the jackpot.

There are also shorter waits between bingo draws online than there would be at many land-based casinos, and Australian bingo players can also play other mini casino games while they wait or check out some of their casino’s other games on offer. At most Australian bingo casinos, an online chat service is also available for players to perpetuate the social spirit of bingo.

50 Dragon Online Slots Game Review

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50 Dragon Online Slots Game - Real Money Pokies

50 Dragons is an online slots game that features five reels and 50 paylines, as referenced by the name, and is one of the offerings available from Aristocrat Leisure, an esteemed casino game developer. Players have the opportunity to fill the screen with golden dragon icons in order to claim the maximum reward possible, and will be doing so against a beautifully themed Oriental backdrop.

There is a wide array of stakes available, and players who prefer to make smaller bets will be satisfied along with their high-stakes counterparts. Players will be able to make use of a pearl wild symbol and a gold ingot scatter symbol to maximise winnings, and will be trying to align various symbols that take their theme from the East.

Graphics for 50 Dragon Slots

The colours for 50 Dragons are very rich, and a lot of gold is to be found in the symbols for the game, which include a golden dragon, a wild pearl, and a gold ingot. Players will be able to play however many lines they wish to, but the most benefits are to be gained by activating all 50 lines at once.

50 Dragon Online Slots Game Review - Real Money Pokies

Symbols for 50 Dragon Slots

The golden dragon icon is the one that has the highest payouts, and players will hear it roaring when it appears on one of the games paylines. These icons are stacked, which means that, should more than one appear on a payline, big monetary rewards are possible.

Bonus Symbols

The Wild icon for 50 Dragons is the pearl, which can be replaced by any symbol except that of the scatter. This wild icon can only appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels.

The gold ingot is a scatter icon, and three of these landing on either the first, second or third reels will activate the free spins bonus round. The scatter symbol will pay out four times the initial bet   made, and these winnings will be added to overall winnings, alongside any incurred during the free spins bonus.

The main icons are animal symbols that include tigers, lions, fish, chickens and lions, all set against the Oriental theme 50 Dragons makes use of. Of these, the lions are the most valuable, and will return 1000x your stake if five appear on an active payline. The lower value symbols are made up of the nine, ten, Jack, Queen, King and ace.

Bonus Features

The main bonus round for 50 Dragons is made up of free spins, and is triggered by three or more scatters appearing on the reels. When this bonus has been triggered, players will be able to access 10 free spins, and, should more scatters appear, this bonus round will be retriggered.

The stacked wilds offer more payouts overall, and can appear on any reel at any time.

50 Dragons can be enjoyed in both real money pokies and free modes, and players will quickly and easily be able to get a handle on the user-friendly interface this slots game makes use of.

Find Great Online Alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2

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Find Great Online Alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2

Queen of the Nile is a legendary slot game, known in almost every real world casino in the world, at least to some degree. Many argue that the game defined a generation of slot games, and laid the foundations for many of the games that came after it. Using what was then a revolutionary system, gamblers went to the casino with the simple desire to play only this game.

The original Queen of the Nile was, of course, followed up by Queen of the Nile 2, which was also quickly played by many of the fans of the original. The two games together, created by Aristocrat Studios, stand as fond classics in the books of many old school gamblers. Time progressed, and many hundreds of slot games have since been released, many using the formulas pioneered in the Queen of the Nile games. Traditional gamblers have, however, not unanimously agreed on a modern game that matches the cult status of the Queen of the Nile games.

Interestingly, however, many great slot games have come about, but with such an enormous selection to choose from, it is simply a difficult prospect for just one game to gather a loyal following. In that regard, here are some suggestions that may help find great online alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2.

Twenty Five Play Lines

When the first Queen of the Nile came out, the fact that it used twenty play lines was a highly unique idea. Players were able to open up play lines by feeding physical coins into the machine, with each coin increasing the chances of matching sequences being created in the play area. It was a simple more coins equals more chances at winning concept, and the simplicity of it delighted players of the time.

When Queen of the Nile 2 came out the number of play lines was increased to twenty five, and again players rushed to try out the new system. Today, of course, most slot games have twenty five play lines as a standard feature, and may allow up to as many as forty play lines, or even over one thousand. Some may say, however, that a thousand play lines is a bit ridiculous, since it is near impossible for the player to keep track o where wins may occur, and they ay be right. But between twenty five and a thousand play lines is a great many degrees to choose from. The key for a gambler to find great online alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2 then, may be finding a number of play lines that is best by personal preference.

Range Of Themes

Another aspect to consider when trying to find great online alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2 is the theme. The beautiful Egyptian theme was appealing to a great many players, helping to create an ambience of mystery and adventure.

Today, of course, there are more themes then a person can shake a stick at. From movies to television series and famous musicians, almost everything has a slot game version. In the end, a gambler who wants to find great online alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2 simply has to look around and select from the thousands of options.

Enchanted Unicorn Slots Pokies Game Review Online

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Enchanted Unicorn Slots Pokies Game Review Online

Enchanted Unicorn is an online slot game, featuring a theme based around fairy tales and magic.

The graphics are good but not the best, in comparison to other more modern slot games, but the soundtrack of the game shines, providing a suitably magical ambience that suits the game perfectly.

The special feature off the game is also highly novel, involving the player choosing a characters path across a board.

In terms of play style, the game uses a fairly standard five reel, adjustable play line system, giving players the opportunity to select the number of play lines they would like to bet on manually.

The bet amount is, of course, also adjustable, allowing a level strategy and freedom that is sure to keep the game interesting for many hours.

Enchanted Unicorn is available for download now on modern smart phones and tablets, and may also be played directly in a web browser via desktop.

Note that the game may be played for free, allowing gamblers the chance to learn the game’s rules before committing any real money.

Play Symbols And Icons

Enchanted Unicorn has but a great deal of effort into creating a magical fairy tale atmosphere, and this shows in the images used for the play symbols.

The most valuable standard symbol is the handsome king, easily recognisable from his golden crown.

If matching with himself three times he will provide a fairly substantial payout, while a five time match is sure to put a smile on the player’s face.

The lesser valuable symbols include a variety of forest-based images, including acorns, roses, berries and icons.

The unicorn of the game’s title, however, is where the key lies to making some real money in this charming online game. He is also the start of a small adventure in the way of an interesting mini-game feature.

Slots Pokies Game Review Online - Enchanted Unicorn

Magical unicorn Adventures

A game with a name like Enchanted Unicorn is sure to have both unicorns and adventure in abundance, and that is delivered in this game in the form of lucrative cash prizes.

To start the adventure in this game, the Unicorn symbol must be matched at least three times in any location on the reels.

This will open a second, beautifully designed screen, showing a character setting off on a journey. Places on the map are marked; indicating the path the character will take. The player must decide the path by clicking locations, and revealing the prizes that lie beneath.

Each successful selection will grant prizes including free spins, cash, and multipliers. If selecting wrong, however, the casino game will end and the player will be returned to the slot game. The goal is to get as far as possible without being stopped, with a major cash prize waiting in the last space in the board.

The Enchanted Unicorn is of course the fastest way to get rich, but pay attention also to the lion, who is a wild symbol, and also a reliable ally.

The lion is wild and may match with any other symbol, except the unicorn, to form matching sequences.

This is a highly useful addition to the game that allows for more sequences to be matched more often. This entertaining game is available on desktop, as well as mobile pokies and provides hours of entertainment to casual and more serious gamers.