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Mobile Pontoon Casino Games Have Benefits

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Online games, game play and gamification are some of the most exciting growth industries of the 21st Century. Online casino games are particularly affected by all these developmental areas, and tend to show the results of these technological developments with enhanced games and online play. In order to prevent confusion and overlapping game development it is essential to maintain an excellence in clarity regarding the different games and options available. With new stuff appearing online almost daily, communications are going to be key is explaining and helping people understand all the new, and different offerings available. Today we deal with blackjack and pontoon.

Blackjack and Pontoon Differences

Pontoon is the British version of blackjack, with some minor, yet considerable differences. Pontoon is an oft overlooked game, such is the overwhelming popularity of blackjack. Mobile pontoon casino games are nevertheless worthwhile knowing about, because they are most certainly an excellent range of casino games that many would argue are even more fun, and lucrative, that the American counterpart.

Very importantly for online consideration is that blackjack and pontoon are both essentially simply games that are perfectly suited to casino play, and the reason for their popularity. This simplicity makes both these games ideal for online play, and as we have seen of late, even more ideal for mobile play.

Mobile Pontoon Game Objectives

Blackjack and pontoon have the same objective, which is to beat the dealer. Both are based on a score of 21, and enjoyed as two of the most popular casino table games. Both these games provide players with some of the best odds available in the casino. Players add up the face value of their cards with the aim of getting as close to 21 without going over. As stated, it is absolutely key to remember at all times that the objective is simply to beat the dealer.

The assigned values in both pontoon and blackjack are based upon standard card values, and this is that number cards are their equivalent value in points and all picture cards are worth 10 points. The ace can either be worth 1 or 11 points, as required. Suits play no part in either game.

The differences between pontoon and blackjack start with the dealers’ cards. In pontoon both are face down, whereas in online blackjack only one is face down. This does make decision-making a tad trickier in pontoon since there is no indication of the strength of the dealers’ hand. Also, in pontoon, the dealer wins all ties, whereas in blackjack the player wins in the event of a tie.

The Pontoon Benefits

The differences that favour pontoon are the odds paid out by the casino. In blackjack, a hand with an Ace and a ten or picture card, pays 3:2. In pontoon, this self-same hand pays 2:1. In blackjack using 5 cards to score 21 or less is simply a 5 card hand, but in pontoon, this is termed scoring a 5-card trick, which is the second highest possible hand.

Only beaten by the winning hand of pontoon, the Ace and picture card. The pay-out in pontoon on a 5-card trick is 2:1. Mobile and online pontoon players should also note the terminological differences. In pontoon, when players want another card, they do not ‘hit,’ they ‘twist’. Staying with the cards in hand is not standing, like blackjack; the term in pontoon is sticking.

Mobile pontoon casino games
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list of casino table games

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List of Casino Table Games Grows More

The definition of table games in casinos was created due to the legislation related to casinos. Certain states and countries developed legislation that applied to slots machines and electronic games, but those involving a dealer or croupier were exempt. The games that comprised the use of a dealer or croupier were unavoidably played on a table, and became known, therefore, as table games. An example of this nomenclature tap-dance is best explained using poker. Five-card Draw poker is a table game because it has a dealer and players around a table. Video Poker on the other hand is simply an electronic version of the same game, but is played on a machine, not a table and is therefore categorised in a different group.

Starting with the Casino Classics

An exhaustive list of casino table games thus includes the standard, or traditional dealer games, Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Baccarat. These are all appreciated at a casino table and under the auspices of a dealer or croupier. Over the years a number of variations of these games have been developed with varying degrees of popularity. Some of these variations that have made the casino mainstream include pontoon, which is a British version of Blackjack, and Pai Gow Poker, Vegas three-card stud and Caribbean Poker. Table games, generally, are extremely popular at casinos, both online and brick and mortar versions.

Add Some Amazing Technology

The growth in technology and internet access over the past few decades includes vast levels of mobile access to casino play. Despite international economic downturns, credit crises and the like, casino play has grown at a constant rate. The popularity of this form of virtual entertainment has meant a continuous increase in casino games, both new games adding to the list of casino table games, as well as improvements to the games themselves, such as live dealer play.

As the online casinos fight for the online casino markets, the forces behind the provision of these services keep growing too. These forces are the software developers, who are creating more and more innovative and modern software platforms. Like all gaming software, once the standard, traditional games are taken care of, the platform can quite easily develop and keep evolving more and more variants. This means that as long as there is a willing market, the list of casino table games will keep expanding.

And the Sky is the Limit

So, after accessibility and ease of access to casino table game play has been achieved, and the quality of games available online is assured, online casinos are going to keep wanting to offer more and more goodies to the casino market. Part of this means the evolution of new casino table games, some designed specifically for the online market, like casino poker, some new variants of existing games, such as Caribbean poker, and some will be brand new games adapted for online and casino play, like casino war.

Acceptable random number generation and the monitoring of that really means that the list of casino table games is only constrained by the imagination, and casino aficionados can, happily, expect this list to be getting longer every day.


iPhone pachinko

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Basic Introduction to the Pachinko Game

Pachinko is a game which originated in Japan. It is a gaming machine similar to pinball with a type of slot game attached and requires no skill to play. The aim of the game is to shoot balls into the play area of the game in an attempt to win additional balls that can be exchanged for real money. The balls that are won are exchanged for various prizes in Japan which are then sold for cash as swopping the balls for real money is not allowed.

The original pachinko game has been modified to fit an iPhone device where players can play for free or for real money wins either through the web browser at various mobile casinos or through various downloadable applications. iPhone pachinko emulates the classic machines from the 70’s but the game matches the capabilities of the device.

Getting Started with iPhone Pachinko

iPhone pachinko is available at many of the top mobile casinos. It is typically found in the arcade section of the games library. Clicking on the game allows the game to be played in the devices web browser but there are many downloadable applications for iPhone pachinko games. Both options have a wide range of real money and free play iPhone pachinko games.

Getting started with playing for real money first requires a deposit to be made. The top mobile casinos offering this game have a variety of safe and secure banking options which can be used to deposit funds. Many of the mobile banking options include the most popular methods like credit cards; debit cards; e-wallets and bank transfers.

Playing Pachinko on an iPhone

Just like mobile slot games, iPhone pachinko resembles a real life machine but instead of levers to pull there are touch screen capabilities to launch the balls. When a ball is launched into the game area it hits scoring platforms, much like a game of pinball. As the points are scored the players earn coin prizes.

When bets are placed and balls are purchased they are lined up. When one is fired it bounces around the play area hitting various pegs and landing in a variety of holes. These mostly offer points in which new balls can be won or free spins can be earned but some may have no reward at all. Some pockets activate the slot game which appears in the centre of the screen. The reels are then spun in the hopes for landing winning combinations.

If the ball drops down the bottom of the screen the iPhone Pachinko round is over and a new one can begin with a different bet if so desired. Certain settings may be adjusted like the coins bet and the trajectory of the shoot button. This allows for the ball to be launched a certain direction in the attempt to increase winning potential.

If at any time the player wishes to cash out, the balls and free spins that have been accumulated are added to the kitty and paid out in real money.

iPad boule

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Playing Boule on an iPad

Boule is a French style game that is very similar to the classic roulette game. It does however have a higher house edge but it is a less complex game. The word itself translates from French to mean ball and just like roulette, the game consists of a ball spinning around a wheel until it lands in a pocket to reveal the outcome. If the specific pocket matches a bet the result is favourable and produces a winner.

Having always been a popular game in France, its popularity has grown around the world as it has become more accessible since the advent of online casino games. With iPad boule being available for players owning an iPad, the game has become even more popular and accessible to play.

Learning How to Play the Game

Players who are yet to be familiar with the rules of the game have the opportunity to play iPad boule for free before switching over to the real money games.

iPad boule is considered to be a simpler game than roulette. Betting options are however quite similar with bets being placed on either a single number; specific colour; all the odd numbers; all of the even numbers; consecutive low numbers and consecutive high numbers. Bets can be placed immediately as the betting table is prominently displayed when the game is opened on the iPad.

iPad boule itself consists of a wheel and a ball. The wheel contains numbers one to nine, organised consecutively four times around the wheel of 36 pockets. The pockets are coloured in red; yellow or black. The yellow pocket is for the number five which has the similar function to the zero or double zero pocket in roulette. The number five pocket is also laced around the wheel four times which gives additional chances of the ball landing in it.

Strategy and the Betting Options

Just like roulette, the game relies mostly on luck and requires little skill or strategy to play. Some of the betting options have better odds that others but all in all it is the luck of where the ball lands in the wheel that determines the outcome. In order to play by a better strategy it should be noted which numbers or colours come up more often. Safer bets are betting on the larger groups of numbers like the odds, evens or a specific colour but there is a higher pay out for winning on the single number bets.

Instant Access to iPad Boule

iPad boule is available at many mobile casinos but, as with any casino games being played online, it is important to play at the most reputable casinos to get the safest experience. The top mobile casinos offering boule for iPad will have the better quality games that provide the most compatible games. The wheel and betting table are displayed on the screen and all of the functions needed are a click away.

Playing on an iPad means downloading applications that are most suitable for the device or even in some instances playing the game directly in the web browser. Either way the top rated mobile casinos offer iPad players a good range of bonuses and banking methods to get started on playing boule for real money.

History of IGT Gaming

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Introduction to International Game Technologies

International Game Technologies is better known as IGT Gaming. The brand is considered to be a world leader in the manufacturing of video poker and slot game machines as some of their titles are regarded as some of the top in both the land based and online casino industry.

A long history of IGT Gaming has seen successful installations of their gaming machines in land based casinos around the world. More recently they have begun focusing on the online market and have provided slots and other games to a wide online player base.

The history of IGT Gaming will forever be immortalized with their innovative ideas providing the world’s first multi machine progressive jackpot slot game called Nevada Megabucks. IGT were also the forerunners to developing reward schemes and player tracking software which ultimately led to the kind of loyalty systems online casinos use around the world today.

History of International Game Technologies

The history of IGT Gaming began back in 1975 when William S Redd began developing casino video and slot gaming machines under his company called SIRCOMA. He had been labelled the king of slot games due to his ability to produce new and innovative slot machines quite quickly and after the success of his first video poker machine, Draw Poker, the name IGT was born.

It was however only in 1981 that the company went public due to their further success at developing slot machines. Over the years IGT Gaming began entering international markets with Australia being the first target. Soon after offices were opened in Europe, then Africa and South America.

In 1996 IGT Gaming created one of the best known and most played slot games to date, Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune was another turning point in the history of IGT Gaming which led to bigger and better games being developed. As technology advanced so did the size of jackpots and IGT Gaming continued to create new and more innovative online video and slot games that had more complex game features.

IGT Gaming’s Move to the Online Market

With a solid history of IGT Gaming being successful in the land based market, they had aspirations to enter the online market. In 2004, WagerWorks came to the attention of IGT. WagerWorks were the software developers responsible for creating the popular Hard Rock online casino but they were mainly focused on the American market which came to an end when the US government put a ban on online gambling.

IGT grabbed the opportunity to partner with WagerWorks who had a solid reputation of providing a good software platform. That along with IGT’s international presence meant the partnership was mutually beneficial and became a huge step in the history of IGT Gaming as they were able to release their already popular slot games into the online casino market. The WagerWorks brand fell away in 2011 and IGT became the sole brad in the entire operation. They are now a leading name in the online industry as they have provided some of the biggest online slot titles.

Hall of Gods

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Hall of Gods Online Slot Game

Hall of Gods is an online slot game with an immersive theme centred on Norse mythology. The game was developed by Net Entertainment and is a five reel online slot with twenty selectable pay lines. Each pay line has five betting levels with coin sizes ranging as little as 0.01 up to 0.50.

The online slot game features three progressive jackpots. The mini, midi and mega jackpot amounts are visible above the reels while below the reels sit the main function buttons. There is an auto play button which allows anything from 10 to 1 000 spins to be set to spin automatically and a max bet button to automatically have the highest bet placed the reels spin.

Apart from the intricate artwork of Norse Mythology enhancing the themed graphics with features such as knots and scrolls, the background sound effects also enhance the theme. Suspenseful drum beats are heard throughout the game and winning combinations produce excitable tunes when they land on the reels.

The Regular and Special Reel Symbols

The higher values symbols found on the Hall of Gods reels follow the Norse mythology theme and feature some of the greatest gods like Odin; Thor; Freya; Loki and Idun. Other symbols include an axe; a chest of apples; a necklace and an ornate ring.

The wild symbol displays a serpent which rises out the water and screeches while covering the entire corresponding reel when it appears on the second, third and fourth reels. Apart from being an expanding wild and an additional visual feature, the wild typically acts as a substitute for all regular symbols when a winning combination is possible.

The two black ravens symbolize the scatter symbol which can award the Hall of Gods free spins bonus round while Thor’s hammer is the bonus symbol that activates the second screen bonus game.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

When the scatter symbols appear at least three times anywhere on the Hall of Gods reels the free spins bonus round feature is triggered. The number of free spins is determined by the number of scatters appearing. Three, four or five scatter symbols award ten, fifteen or twenty free spins.

While the free spins are in play all winning combinations landing pay out three times the regular value and if three or more of the scatter symbols appear again in any position on the reels, the free spins bonus round feature is re-triggered.

Hall of Gods Bonus Game

Three or more of the bonus symbols landing in any position on the reels will activate the Hall of Gods bonus game. A second screen displaying a number of shields will be shown. The aim here is to use Thor’s hammer to break as many shields as possible to reveal the hidden prizes underneath them but there must be three matching prizes revealed in order to be awarded what they are worth. The icons that award any of the mini, midi and mega progressive jackpot amounts may be hidden under the shields and revealing three of them will award the amount shown above the reels.

Good to Go Online Slot by Microgamming Game Review

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Good to Go Online Slot by Microgamming Game Review

Good to Go is a five reel online slot game that has nine pay lines. The slot game was developed by Microgaming and is one of their newer type of nine reel online slots with a variety of bonus features.

Good to Go centres on a motor racing Formula 1 type of theme and features graphics, animations and sound effects that are all based on racing action. Some of the higher valued regular symbols include a race car; a helmet; a checked flag and a licence plate.

These symbols award anything from 1 000 coins to 2 500 coins for five in a row on an active pay line. A racing car wheel pays out up to 500 coins while the number and letter icons including seven; eight; nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace pay out anything up to 500 coins.

Playing Good to Go Online Slot

Up to ten coins can be bet on each of the nine Good to Go pay lines. The coins can however be set at values of 0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.25; 0.50 and 1.00.

Bets can be placed using the function buttons found below the reels which includes a max bet button to automatically place the highest possible amount.

Good to Go Online Slot Review - Online pokies NZ

After any winning combination lands the gamble feature may be activated where the winning amount can be gambled with.

The amount can be doubled up by correctly guessing whether a playing card that is to be revealed will be red or black in colour. An incorrect guess results in the entire amount gambled being lost.

The Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The Good to Go wild symbol is represented by the one displaying the blonde pit girl. She functions as a substitute for any of the symbols to help form winning combinations but she will not act as a substitute for a scatter symbol.

This symbol is also the highest earning symbol and will award the top jackpot of 5 000 coins for five in a row on an active pay line.

The Good to Go online slot scatter symbol is the symbol displaying the rev counter.

The scatter symbols pay out when two or more land consecutively on an active pay line running from both left and right but three or more of them on the reels will also activate the free spins bonus round.

Five of the scatter symbols pay out up to 50x the total bet amount.

The Free Spins Bonus Round Feature

When the Good to Go online pokies NZ free spins bonus round is activated three free spins are awarded. While the free spins play out the reels that hold the scatter symbols that initially activated the feature are held in position.

Any more scatter symbols appearing will be held in place which may re-activate the free spins feature.

Scatter symbol wins during this round can pay for any position and do not need to be lined up left to right or vice versa. Scatter wins involving five scatter symbols will pay out 50x for each free spin.

Genie’s Gems

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Genie’s Gems Online Slot Game

Genie’s Gems is an online slot game that was developed by Microgaming. The online slot game is styled around Microgaming’s more classic type of online slot with the focus being more on spinning high paying winning combinations and less on side bonus games and other bonus features. There are no bonus features at all in the game or any bonus symbols like scatter symbols and wild symbols.

Genie’s Gems does however, unlike most online slot games, allow winning combinations to run from both the furthest left reel and from the right direction. The jackpot prize is also much higher that most online slots and the reels have considerably less symbols which may increase the odds of landing winning combinations.

The Game’s Theme and Reel Symbols

Genie’s Gems online slot game is themed around an Arabian night’s tale with magic flying carpets, genies and mystical lamps. Some of the graphics are animated and show smoke billowing from the lamps, the carpet flying across the sky, stars twinkling above the palace and when a winning combination lands on the reels the genie himself appears and laughs in victory. Throughout the game the background sound effects play Arabian themed music which is enhanced when a winning combination lands and the animated genie comes out to celebrate in animation.

The ten; jack; queen; king and ace paying card icons can be found on the reels. These make up the lower valued slot symbols while the themed symbols are worth higher pay outs. The themed symbols include the genie himself; a magic lamp; a magic flying carpet; a palace and the Genie’s Gems.

The genie is the symbol that pays out the highest jackpot prize of 10 000 coins when five land on an active pay line. The second highest prize is awarded for five of the Genie’s Gems symbols and 5 000 coins are paid out. Thirdly 2 500 coins can be won for five of the magic lamp symbols.

Genie’s Gems Online Slot Game Play

Genie’s Gem is a five reel online slot with only five pay lines. One coin can be placed on each of the pay lines with varying values ranging from 0.25 up to 5.00. All of the main function buttons are displayed below the reels including the max bet button which allows the maximum bet to be placed with just one click. There is also an auto play function which allows the number of spins to spin automatically, the stop settings and the time delay between each spin to be adjusted to a predetermined setting.

All winning combinations must have landed on an active pay line in order to pay out. All pay lines run from either the furthest left reel or from the furthest right reel. The online slot game has over 25 different winning possibilities. All winning combinations are paid out directly after they land and they pay out amounts according to the slot game’s pay table. If no winning combination lands after a spin, a new bet may be placed for a new game to begin.

Free spins

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The Explanation of Free Spins

No Deposit Free spins are the spinning of the reels without having to pay for the specific spins. They are offered as welcome bonuses; ongoing bonuses; special promotions and even bonus rounds within a slot game. The bonus rounds are not available on all slot games and they are given only when a certain combination of symbols land on the reels. When these spins are played any winning amounts are paid out immediately.

Spins that are given for free are offered as incentives for players to join up at online casinos and to return as a loyal player. There are times when the free spins are offered on only specific slot games or even one featured slot game for that time period which may be used as a way to test new slot games newly released on the market.

The amount of spins given for free are usually only allowed to be used up on one specific slot game, even if there are multiple slot games to choose from. They do not however have to be used up at once so if a slot game is exited then upon returning to the game the remaining spins can be played out. Typically the free spins are automatically set to play with the maximum number of pay lines enabled on a slot game but the value of the pay line bet can vary depending on the promotion.

Free Spins Given as Bonuses

As bonuses, free spins are usually given when a deposit of some sort is made. They are given over and above the deposited amount but certain requirements may need to be met in order to claim any winnings produced from them.

Another type of bonus that offers a number of spins for free is the no deposit free spin bonus. This one does not need to have a deposit made in order for them to be played. The no deposit bonus may be offered upon registering an account or the online casino may reward players with random spins that can be played for free periodically just for being frequent players.

Wagering Requirements for Free Spins

It is quite rare that an online casino offers free spins as a bonus without some sort of wagering requirement. It is best to always read through the terms and conditions of the bonus before claiming it as some wagering requirements tend to be higher than others. A wagering requirement can also be referred to as a spin through; play through; turnover requirement and so on.

The lower the wagering requirement is, the better it is. Requirements can range from absolutely none all the way up to a 50x spin through which is quite high. An example of a wagering requirement is being given 15 free spins and winning a denomination of 30 on them. If the wagering requirement happens to be x10 then the winning amount of 30 needs to be played with and after a total of 300 has been played on the reels then any remaining winning amounts can be withdrawn.

A Guide to Finding Free Online Casino Games Around the World

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A Guide to Finding Free Online Casino Games Around the World

Just about all online casinos offer most of their casino games in a free play mode. Free online casino games are available for pure enjoyment without risking money but they are also used to entice players to start playing for real money.

Players are given the opportunity to learn how to play certain casino games or to test the quality of the games.

In order to make the transition from free online games into real money ones safer it is important to play at the better online casinos. This is also the case for playing the better quality games. It is therefore best to only play at the top online casinos even when opting for free play mode.

Certain online casinos may even offer free play players rewards like the opportunity to enter special sweepstakes when reaching a certain level of points. Some of these types of promotions generally offer real money rewards.

What to Expect from Free Online Games

It does not cost anything to play free online casino games but that also means that there are no real money wins.

The games are however made to be enjoyable so if they are played purely for fun there are still goals one can set for themselves to achieve better wins.

Slots have certain story lines or plots and bonus features to add excitement while typical casino games offer virtual money to play with and win.

If the goal is to however learn how to play a game then not having to risk money allows players to focus on the rules and strategies to increase their knowledge and winning potential when they begin playing the real money casino games.

A Guide to Finding Free Online Casino Games Around the World

With all of the free online casino games having been developed by different software developers and being available on various platforms it is an option to play a variety of games in free mode to ascertain which of the games have a better quality.

Looking out for those with smooth game play; fast loading times; easy to use navigations and sharper graphics is just as important as finding those with high pay out percentages, especially when opting to play for free.

All of the more popular online casino games such as online slots, online roulette NZ and online poker, are typically available as free online casino games. Slot titles considered tops and the classic table games are available where players can play for fun or possibly be enticed to try their luck with real money.

Different Platforms for Free Online Games

Free online casino games are typically available to be played through a web browser in instant play mode. Many of the software developers have also created downloadable applications for the free play casino games which are made compatible with various operating systems of computers and mobile devices.

Mobile compatible free casino games are available in abundance giving players the freedom to play while on the go. This is an added convenience for players wishing to play for free.

The leading mobile devices have a wide range of free casino games that have been modified to fit the smaller devices better even if that means certain unimportant game features, such as some animations, are lost.