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Eastern Dragon

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Eastern Dragon Slot Review

Eastern Dragon is an online slot game created by Cryptologic. The game is based around a colourful theme of Eastern festivities, and does a good job of invoking a sense of celebration with its lovingly designed play symbols. The sound of the game, however, is perhaps a bit overly minimalist, and it seems that an opportunity was missed by not carrying the Eastern theme through to the sound effects.

In terms of game play, Eastern Dragon uses a five reel, twenty play line system, and allows the player to manually select the number of lines they would like to bet on before each round. The bet amount is also, of course, adjustable. After adjusting bet lines and the bet amount, the reels must be spun, after which matching sequences will potentially be created in the play area. If a match is made, it will be clearly marked with a solid line and the appropriate payout will be made. For a more detailed explanation of the game’s rules, please click the info button on the user interface, or contact the customer support centre of the website on which the game is being played.

Standard Play

Matching sequences are created in Eastern Dragon much the same way as in any slot game. That is to say, symbols must be matched with themselves at least three times, and a maximum of five times, with higher payouts awarded the more symbols fall into a matching sequence. Each symbol also has an attached value, which likewise dictates the value of a payout similarly to an online roulette game.

The symbols themselves are generally easy to identify, using bold colours and easily recognisable shapes, making the game appropriate for smart phones with small screens. In terms of value, the carp is the most valuable standard symbol, while a few traditional playing card numbers make up the lower spectrum of the value system, and are the least valuable. The playing card numbers include nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace. Some o the midrange symbols are fireworks, a Chinese lantern and a lotus blossom. To really take advantage and bring in the cash, however, the player must concentrate on the two bonus symbols; the scatter symbol and the wild symbol.

Bonus Plays For Big Cash

The wild symbol in Eastern Dragon is represented by a lucky dragon, and will match with any other symbol, except the scatter symbol, to create a matching sequence. Or example, a sequence may consist o two aces and a lucky dragon, which will payout for three aces.

Note that matches made with the lucky dragon also double in value, making it a highly useful and lucrative addition to the game. The scatter symbol, however, is where the real money lies. The scatter symbol is represented by a gong, and may match with itself up to five times, with prizes awarded on the number of gongs in the sequence. If matching three times the player is awarded fifteen free spins, with all wins paying three times as much as usual. If matching four times the player is awarded twenty free spins, with all wins tripled. And, if the gong matches its maximum of five times, thirty free spins are awarded with wins tripled.

Doctor Love

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Online Slot Review of Doctor Love

Doctor Love is an online slot game created by NYX. It features a theme based around a romantic doctor and his beautiful nurse, as well as other aspects of the medical industry. The graphics and images are no outstanding in comparison to more advanced modern slot games, but they do the job and are successful in creating a whimsical atmosphere.

There is also a lack of ambient music and sound is which is unusual for online slot games and a black mark for an otherwise entertaining game. In terms of play style the game uses a five reel, twenty play line system, as well as allowing the player to decide how many of the lines they would like to bet on. Of course, the more play lines open, the more chance of winning sequences being created, but the higher the initial bet required. This allows for strategic play that adds a layer of intrigue to the standard slot game formula.

Doctor Love is available for play on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. If wanting to play on a mobile device, please ensure that the game is compatible with your model of phone, although the game is not demanding and should run on most types of modern smart phone.

Basic Visuals And Symbols

Sticking with the hospital theme the symbols used in Doctor Love reflect romance in a hospital environment. The images are all cartoon-like and have a dash of humour, and are bold enough that they are likely to be easily recognisable on a smaller smart phone screen.

The most valuable basic symbol in the game is the beautiful nurse, who may match a minimum of twice with herself, and a maximum of five times. The least valuable symbol in the game is the stethoscope, which pays only a moderate amount even if matching the maximum of five times. Some of the other symbols used include an ambulance, a teddy bear, an alarm clock, and a sick patient. To cash in and strike it big, however, the player must keep track of the love meter symbol, which is a one-way ticket to riches if matched.

Love Meter Free Spins

The wild symbol is Doctor Love himself, recognisable by his broad goofy smile. He may match with other symbols as a substitute, and is the key to making matching sequences where none were possible. He may also match with himself for massive instant payouts.

The love meter is where the game gets interesting. Recognisable as a thermometer with hearts, the love meter may match with itself up to a total of five times, even if appearing in none matching places on the reels. Once matched, the love meter will grant free spins based on the number of symbols in the match. A match of three will grant ten free spins, a match of four fifteen free spins, and a match of five twenty free spins. Once won, free spins will play out automatically, gathering payouts at no cost to the player whatsoever. Hope to see the love meter often during your time with the Love Doctor.

The Costa Del Cash Online Video Slot in Detail Review

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Costa del Cash - Online Pokies NZ

The Costa Del Cash online video slot is an online slot game. It features a simple visual design revolving around a coastal holiday atmosphere, but does not stand out as having impressive graphics as far as modern standards are concerned.

The game play uses a five reel, forty play line system, with bonus features in the form of a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The sound design is also simple, but does a good job of creating a lively ambient atmosphere.

In terms of strategy and freedom of play style, the game allows the player to adjust the number of play lines, as well as the bet per individual line, which is not seen in some other online slot games.

The Costa Del Cash online pokies NZ is available now for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. Please be sure to have an active account with funds available before attempting to play for real money.

Basic Symbols And Visuals

To bring the relaxation and sultry beauty of the coast to a slot casino game, the developers have used a number of classic holiday images, including bikini-clad babes and broad shouldered hunks.

As is expected of a slot game, the player must make a bet, select the lines on which to play, and spin the reels in hopes of creating matching sequences with these images, with payouts made depending on the value of the symbols making up a sequence.

Costa del Cash - Online Pokies NZ Review

The least valuable symbols in he game are the playing card symbols, which are played alongside the holiday symbols. The playing car symbols include nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace.

The most valuable symbols in the game are the aforementioned babe and hunk, both of which have equal high value.

Some of the other symbols are an umbrella, a cocktail, and more. In order to make real money in the Costa Del Cash online video slot, however, the player must turn their attention to the two highly lucrative bonus symbols.

Special Bonuses

The wild symbol in the Costa Del Cash online video slot is the yellow sun with the written word wild. This symbol will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, and will sometimes appear in rows of three, known as stacked wilds, from top to bottom. Stacked wilds allow for huge combo sequences to be created.

The big cash, however, lies with the scatter symbol, represented by a thermometer. If the scatter symbol matches with itself three times, in any position on the reels, a number of free spins will be granted to the player.

These free spins will play out automatically, with each win compounding as the spins progress.

Plus, if more free spins are landed during the free spins, by the scatter symbols matching a second time, more free spins will be added to those already existing. In this fashion free spins may go on for a great deal of time, gathering wins as they progressive for one massive payout.

For more detailed information about the game and its rules, please see the play table that can be accessed via the user interface.

Chinese Kitchen

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Chinese Kitchen Slots Overview

Chinese Kitchen is an online slot game, featuring a unique theme and interesting play system. The visual style is based around, as the name would suggest, an eccentric Asian chef making unusual meals. The game itself uses an interesting play system not often seen with online slot machines, allowing matches to made left to right, up and down, as well as diagonally.

The play area is also fairly small in comparison to other games, using just three reels and three rows. Given the flexibility of the play lines, however, this system works intuitively and allows frequent matches to be made. In terms of visual and sound design the game goes a long way to inject humour into the proceedings, with each symbol featuring a humorous hand drawn image of the ingredients used by the chef.

The sound design is interestingly immersive, being composed of the general ambience heard in a restaurant. This casino game is available now to be played on desktop, mobile phone and tablet. A free version is also available, letting players learn the rules of the game before committing real money.

Play Symbols And System

Sticking with the theme, the play symbols of the game all represent ingredients in a meal. This includes octopus, duck, crab, fish, and others. The crab symbol is the most valuable in the game, and will grant good payouts if matched with itself three times. What makes Chinese Kitchen unique is that unlike other slot games, this game allows matches to be made where they would not otherwise be possible.

For example, two crab symbols may match with a duck icon to create a winning sequence. The game refers to this as the ingredient system, and allows matches of ingredients that would go well together in a real meal. The system may be confusing to players at first, with seemingly little reason for a winning match to be made. But, once getting used to the system, the game is intuitive and enjoyable in its eccentric design.

No Bonus systems

Chinese Kitchen has no bonus or special feature symbols of any kind. This at first may seem to be defeating the purpose of a slot game, but given how frequent matches are made, and how many winning combinations are available, a bonus system is not necessary for good amounts of cash to be won. The nature of the game then is more about adjusting the bet amount accordingly, rather then, aiming to trigger a certain special feature or bonus.

User Interface

The user interface for the Chinese Kitchen game is straightforward and easy to understand. The bet amount may change via the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen, while spins may triggered via the spin button, found at the bottom right. The balance window shows the total amount of the player’s account, and the wins window displays the total of any wins that have occurred for the current spin. For more detailed information about the game’s rules please click the information button, or contact the customer support centre of the website on which the game is being played.

Ceasars Windsor Casino

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Ceasers Windsor Casino

Ceasars Windsor Casino, located in Windsor, Canada, is an entertainment complex that caters to a wide spectrum of casino goers. It features a large dedicated gambling section, a great variety of entertainment venues, and even has an on premises relaxation spa and massage parlour. In terms of restaurants and dining facilities, the establishment offers casual and luxury options, meaning that those who prefer the finer things, and those who are not as selective, will both have their needs catered to under one roof.

Don’t forget that the establishment has its own hotel branch, allowing for dining, entertainment and rest all to be found without ever having to leave the premises. Note that reservations for the hotel may be made directly online, requiring only that a guest supply a check in date, a check out date, the number of rooms required, and the number of adults and children staying. Once a reservation has been made, please keep in mind that a cancellation fee may be charged for last minute cancellations.

Entertainment Options

The Ceasars Windsor Casino provides a wide variety of entertainment options for guests. This includes an indoor swimming pool, multiple bars and nightclubs, as well as quick access to some of many nearby attractions. There are also luxury shopping venues, including the Ceasars Essentials store, which allows guests of the hotel to have a home away from home.

Be sure to check out the on premises beauty and relaxation spa, which is guaranteed to rejuvenate and revitalise tired bodies and minds. Keep in mind, however, that bookings for the spa should be made well in advance, as a last minute booking cannot be guaranteed. Big winners at the casino, and those who are members of the casino VIP club, may even get free passes to the spa as a reward. These rewards must be redeemed only in the times specified to avoid conflicting reservations.

Casino Features

The Ceasars Windsor Casino has a dedicated gambling section that is designed to offer something for everyone. The establishment does have a special dedication to poker, with many tables available around the clock, but for those who prefer something different there are many alternatives to choose from. This includes blackjack, roulette, a sports betting centre, and, of course, an enormous number of slot machines.

Those who enjoy sports betting will be pleased by the live streaming of sporting events around the world, with easy access to digital bet placing consoles. Those who prefer the slot machines will find machines that use traditional rules, as well as modern variations that have themes based around popular modern movies and television series.

Ceasars Windsor Casino Live Events

The Ceasars Windsor Casino has a live event venue that may have anything from stand up comedians to live bands performing. These events are seasonal, and change depending on availability and the schedule of performers. To see which show is currently running, visit the events page of the website. Tickets may also be reserved for these shows directly online. Keep in mind that more popular shows should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.


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Casinomeister is a website dedicated to maintaining fair play at online casinos. Established in 1998, the website is where those who feel they have been treated unfairly at online casinos may voice their concerns. All complaints are investigated, and if the website believes that there is truth to the concern; the online casino is added to a list of suspicious entities.

Likewise, any casino that is seen to be not living up to its promises, offering games that are unreliable or unfair, or is in any other way improper, the Casinomeister website will make it known. There is also a list of accredited online casinos that have perfect records of fairness, allowing those that are new to the online gambling world direct access straight to the cream of the crop. The website welcomes feedback and participation from the public, and keeps its lists updated on a daily basis. Or more information about the casinos listed on the website, please contact the customer support centre. Online casinos that feel they have been unfairly blacklisted may also contact the website administrators.

Unfair Online Casinos

In the digital world it is very difficult for a casino to knowingly or maliciously be unfair. Software, after all, works exactly as it has been designed, with little room for unscrupulous or devious behaviour. In fact, there is virtually no case of casino software ever doing anything other then what it was specifically designed to do. The only real problems at online casinos occur due to poor communication between one device and another. Online casino work, after all, based on a steady stream of communication.

It can be issue, therefore, when that stream of communication breaks down. If an online gambler wins a hand of digital poker, for example, but communication is interrupted before the payment is made, that payment amount may be lost. It is how the online casino responds to this situation that determines if that establishment is fairly treating its players. It is very important to keep in mind that every online gambling transaction has a serial code attached, which can generally be seen at the lower part or bottom part of the screen.

If problems occur, this serial number should immediately be taken note of. When reporting the problem to the casino, quoting this serial number is absolutely essential. It can’t be expected that an online casino will respond to every complaint of lost money without proof that the transaction took place.

Casinomeister Accredited List

Along with handling thousands of complaints and recovering money on behalf of online gamblers, Casinomeister also lists those that have perfect reputations and offer good service. In order to jump directly to these casinos, click the accredited casinos list in the upper left of the screen.

Note that the website uses a rating system, based not only on the fairness of the website, but also the variety of games offered and user-friendly nature of the website design. To see websites that have been reported and have outstanding complaints against them, click on the rogue casino list, directly to the right of the accredited casinos list.

Cash Spin

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Cash Spin Wheel Of Fortune Slots Game Overview

Cash Spin, created by Bally Entertainment, is an online slots game. It uses an understated theme with simple graphics and play symbols, giving a stream lined gaming experience not bogged down by unnecessary bells and whistles. The sound design is pleasant and interactive, featuring a game show style announcer who narrates the proceedings when the player hits a special bonus feature. What sets this game apart from other slot games is a unique wheel of fortune bonus system, which allows players the chance to spin a digital wheel and win big prizes.

Cash Spin is available now on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. If wanting to play on a mobile slots casino site, please search for the game at the appropriate application store, Google Play Store or Apple iStore Store, and download it to the device. Playing on computer desktop requires only that the game be opened in a compatible internet browser. Free play and real money play are available.

Standard Play Features

Cash Spin uses a set of traditional slot same icons, recognisable to anyone who has been using slot games for a few years.  This includes rubies, emeralds, diamonds and a dollar sign, played alongside classic card suits. The card suits include nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace.

The diamond is the most valuable icon, and will payout an enormous amount if matched with itself a minimum of twice, and maximum of five times. The card suits are the least valuable icons, and pay only a moderate amount even if matched the maximum of five times. To get the biggest possible payouts in the game however, and in order to trigger the wheel of fortune mini-game, look to the special bonus feature symbols. These include the wild symbol, the U-spin symbol, and the moneybag symbol.

Wheel Of Fortune

The wild symbol in Cash Spin, easily recognisable as the yellow icon with the written word wild, may match with all other symbols to create matching sequences. Or example, a winning sequence may consist of two diamonds and a wild, which will payout for three diamonds. Likewise, two wilds and two diamonds will make four diamonds, and so on.

The moneybag icon is the scatter symbol, and will give an instant cash bonus if matching with itself at least three times. If matched five times, the player is given the biggest win possible in the game. The U-Spin icon will trigger the unique wheel of fortune mini-game, if matching with itself three times. In the mini-game, a second screen will open, showing a classic wheel of fortune. The player must spin the wheel by clinking and dragging with the mouse, or sliding a finger on a touch screen. The wheel will spin, and an instant prize awarded depending on where it stops.

Prizes include instant cash bonuses, free spins, and even free spins with multipliers and added wilds. Any prize won will immediately be added to the balance. Or, if the prize is free spins, the free spins will play out automatically. Once the wheel of fortune sequence if finished the player will be returned to the standard game.

Break Da Bank

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Bread Da Bank Slots Game

Break Da Bank is an online slots game, available to play for free or real money at your favourite online casino. In a world of slot games that is increasingly obsessed with the best graphics and animation, as well as complicated mini-games and bonus systems, Break Da Bank is a breath of fresh air, preferring simplicity over unnecessary bells and whistles.

The game uses a highly simplified play system, using only three reels and five play lines. The symbols are likewise understated, all simple in design, easy to recognise and having just a few variations. The player is not able to raise or lower the play lines, which may lack in terms of strategy, but this leaves the player to simply sit back, spin the reels, and enjoy the stream lined experience. The game is available now on mobile phone, home computer and tablet.

Note that the game has a free demo version, which allows players to experience the game and learn its rules before committing any real money. If wanting to play for real money, please be sure to be logged into an account and have funds available for play.

Standard Play

Sticking with the simplified design, the symbols in Break Da Bank are classic bar icons. This includes a single bar, double bar, and triple bar. This means it is also easy to understand what is going on when playing on mobile devices with smaller screens. The only two special symbols used in the game are the dollar sign, which pays out the most, and the Break Da Bank logo. In order to get basic payouts, all matching sequences are simply combinations of the bar symbols.

Three of a kind gives the biggest payouts, however, meaning that two bars should match with two bars three times, which will be a good payout. The more bars, the greater the value for the matching sequence. A payout is also possible however, with any three bar symbols, such as a one bar, two bar, and three bar, although this is a smaller payout that will generally not cover the initial bet. To start getting the biggest payouts possible, one must pay attention to the two special symbols.

Big Payouts

The dollar sign is one the player will want to see as much as possible. If matching three times, the dollar sign gives a huge payout. It cannot, however, match with any other symbol, and must match with itself to have any value at all. Finally, the Break Da Bank logo is where the massive payouts lie. This symbol may match in a row, left to right, and diagonally in both directions. For any three of this symbol the player gets, an enormous payout is guaranteed. However, that the different direction matches have different value, with the diagonal match being the most valuable. Any match of three, however, will be highly welcome, with payouts that are up to ten times as valuable as the highest basic matching sequence. For a more detailed explanation of the game rules, please click the info button on the user interface.

Play Caribbean stud online

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Play Caribbean Stud Online With Immediacy

Caribbean Stud poker is the result of the current trends in the casino industry. Many casino game players, like many game players generally, prefer a shorter condensed type of game. The popularity of short games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and PewDiePie. These highly popular, shorter games are quicker to play, consist of high-action moments by definition, and require less concentration to complete. Added to this trend is the fact that a substantial part of the online casino experience now is bridging the gap with standard land casinos, with the introduction of live dealers and social interactions.

Part of this evolution in gaming and being able to play Caribbean Stud online, is the expectation that these games can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and on the go. This obviously gives players the freedom to play this abbreviated version of 5-card stud whenever it suits them.

Poker Gameplay Keeps Developing

The shortened poker experience that is Caribbean Poker is the result of software developers listening to their audience, and using their years of experience to respond to the online casino player’s needs, and to cater to them. This has quite clearly brought Caribbean stud to the fore, a brief and exciting form of poker that has taken off despite dozens of other poker-style games already available. Anyone wanting to play Caribbean stud online, should be aware that the game takes but a few minutes of play because players compete directly against the banker in only three rounds of betting. This highly charged game draws to a conclusion on the double, facilitating the completion of several rounds during only a toilet break.

The Poker Environment

There is much competition for members amongst online poker sites. The casino, and poker industry is becoming recognised for their many advancements and bonuses. This welcoming approach is also accountable for the many new players at poker rooms. Casino players are clearly seeking to play Caribbean stud online with all the rewarding promotions, accessing all the action in an instant, using real money to wager and yet retain complete peace of mind regarding their money and winnings.

A Game of Luck

Caribbean Stud poker can be appreciated either as a downloadable game, or by accessing the flash version. The latter has become the standard and general mode of play. Brave poker players who decide to take on the house in this possibly lucrative game, and play Caribbean stud online will certainly be rewarded with a racing heart and large doses of adrenaline, and potentially with significant sums of money too. The intrigue of not being able to see four of the dealers’ five cards, despite the fact that the dealer needs at least an ace and a king to prevent you from winning at least your ante back, make Caribbean stud fascinating but not for the faint-hearted. Cashing in on the favourable payout system table odds is what makes this game so rewarding. The minimum payout for instance is even money for a pair, but a full house pays out 7:1 and the best hand, a Royal Flush 200:1. Certainly a tantalising carrot.

The ever-evolving game of poker has been reborn in multiple ways. Experiencing this pure luck version and the opportunity to play Caribbean stud online may be just what the doctor ordered.

Online pontoon

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Online Pontoon is Similar to Blackjack

Casino gaming online is one of the few industries of the 21st Century showing consistent sustained growth. New players are flocking to online and mobile casino sites daily. This is due to a range of games being available and assessable to casino play aficionados. One of the casino table games that is gathering momentum on a global scale is pontoon. In essence, pontoon is the British version of blackjack. With the popularity of this American game, pontoon is sometimes unheeded or simply considered just another name for the card game. There are, however, some noteworthy distinctions between blackjack and pontoon. The growth of online pontoon warrants a clarification of the differences, as any comparison with blackjack makes the game of pontoon exciting and interesting as play, well as one being of the casino games with the smallest house odds. Besides, online pontoon is just so much more enjoyable when understood.

Basic Pontoon Rules

Where blackjack and pontoon are the same is that both table games are based on players and the dealer trying to score 21. Both also have swathes of loyal players around the world. This is largely due to the fact that these games provide players with some of the best odds available in the house. Online pontoon is played by adding the face value of your cards. The objective of the game is to come as close to 21 without going over, while still having a higher total than the dealer. The truth is, as the best blackjack strategies will tell you, actually just t beat the dealer. This is achieved through acquiring a combination of cards which each have a point value attached, based upon standard card values. Number cards are worth their equivalent in points and all picture cards are worth 10 points. Ace here can either be worth 1 or 11 points. Suits are not important.

Differences between Online Pontoon and Blackjack

There are a few basic differences between pontoon and blackjack. In online pontoon both the dealers’ cards are dealt face down, whereas in blackjack only one is face down. This does make it somewhat harder to decide on your next move, as players have no indication of the dealers’ hand. Another difference is that the dealer in pontoon wins all ties, whereas in blackjack the player wins in the event of a tie.

One would think that means online pontoon has vastly higher odds, but this would be erroneous as there are some compensations in this regard. A winning hand of blackjack, a hand with an Ace and a ten or picture card, pays 3:2. Being dealt a direct pontoon, on the other hand, the same cards, pays 2:1. In blackjack using 5 cards to score 21 or less is simply a 5 card hand, but in pontoon, this is known as scoring a 5-card trick, which is the second highest possible hand, and can only be beaten by a hand of pontoon. The payout on a 5-card trick is also 2:1. There are also some additional minor rules variations between online pontoon and blackjack concerning doubling down.

The Different Terms

The minor linguistic and terminological differences are also important to be aware of. In pontoon, when you want another card, you do not ‘hit,’ you ‘twist’. In addition if you want to keep the cards you have, you don’t ‘stand’, you ‘stick’. What a blackjack player calls ‘doubling down’, a pontoon player would call ‘buying’.