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Alternatives to the High Flying Red Baron slot by Aristocrat

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Alternatives To The High Flying Red Baron Slot By Aristocrat

The Red Baron slot game by Aristocrat is incredibly popular, well known not only for its unique theme featuring the legendary World War One fighter pilot, but also for its betting system that offers an impressive two hundred and forty three ways to win.

Originating in Australia, the game is still most popular in that part of the world, with many land based casinos still having real versions of the game on offer. But, as with every trend, the Red Baron is destined to fade away and be replaced by other games, some of which may well be better in the graphics and sound department. Let’s have a look at games that are a good alternatives to the high flying Red Baron slot by Aristocrat.

Pacific Attack By Net Entertainment

The first game that stands in the good alternatives to the high flying Red Baron slot by Aristocrat department is Pacific Attack. Created by Net Entertainment Pacific Attack is a much more recent title than Red Baron, and this shows in the markedly improved graphics, sound design, and overall production value. Net Entertainment is well known for making outstanding slot games, and Pacific Attack is no exception.

Players familiar with the Red Baron slot game will immediately notice that Pacific Attack is similar in many ways, and it is all but certain that the game was made as direct competition to Red Baron. And, one cannot deny, Pacific Attack is an improvement. But it is not just the excellent graphics that make Pacific Attack an appealing game; the game play is also smooth and highly addictive, and a number of bonuses and special mini-games add to the flavour. The only marked difference between Red Baron and Pacific attack is the betting lines.

Pacific Attack does not use the two hundred and forty three ways to win system, and has opted instead to use fifteen betting lines. This isn’t a train smash by any means, and the fifteen betting lines offer strategic value on a different level, but some Red Baron fans may be disappointed.

Choy Sun Doa

If, when looking for good alternatives to the high flying Red Baron slot by Aristocrat games, a player prefers instead to stick with the two hundred and forty three ways to win system, Choy Sun Doa may be a good option. The betting system in Red Baron was in fact found in Choy Sun Doa first, and only transplanted to Red Baron afterwards.

Its true that Choy Sun Doa is showing its age, and does not have nearly the quality of some newer games, but with value for money this high one can quickly overlook the dated graphics. Remember that, as far as slot games go, bells and whistles mean little if it does not equate to money in your pocket. Choy Sun Doa and Pacific Attack are available now for online play, and can be accessed via mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet. This has been a few quick suggestions for good alternatives to the high flying Red Baron slot by aristocrat.

Yggdrasil The Tree Of Life

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Yggdrasil The Tree Of Life A Well-Known Norse Legend

Yggdrasil The Tree of Life is powered by Genesis Gaming. This slots game has five reels and a massive 243 pay lines. The theme of the slot game is Norse mythology, and their idea of the tree of life. This tree is a huge ash tree, whose branches and roots hold together the nine worlds of the universe. The roots are the source of the spring of knowledge, and the trunk supplies honey. It is a stunning looking lot game, with all the reels set within the gigantic tree of life, against a backdrop that is one half night time, and the other half daylight.

Symbols All Nature Inspired

The symbols of the game are all inspired by nature, and include a white eagle, a rabbit, a snake a deer the logo of the game, and of course Yggdrasil itself, the Tree of Life. There are the classic playing cards too, all designed to fit into the theme of the game. All the graphics are of a high quality, and are clear and well crafted. The 243 ways to win mean you do not have to select the number of pay lines to play.

A Wild and a Scatter

In Yggdrasil the Tree of Life slot, the white eagle is the highest paying symbol. The serpent comes next in value.  The Logo of the game is the Scatter symbol, and wherever it appears players will be eligible for rewards.

Yggdrasil the Tree of Life also has a Wild symbol. The Wild is the Norse warrior, and will substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter, but does not have any multiplier attached.

Scatter Symbols Will Trigger the Profitable Bonus Game

Three of more of the Scatter symbols appearing on the reels will trigger the bonus feature. The bonus game takes players to the tree of life in a different screen, where you decide between various rewards, and advance with Yggdrasil up the tree from the roots to the branches. Level one is among the roots, and you pick symbols from the ten that are available, and each will win you some cash or move you to the next level.

Ideally, you hope to pick nine cash prizes before you get moved on. When you get to the trunk of the Tree of life that is the second level, you also have to pick as many prizes as you can before moving on, and when you get to the branches you are at the third level, you continue to pick symbols that reveal prizes, until you find the collect sign in the top branches. At this point, the game is over, and you have won what you picked. You will always reach the third level in the branches during the bonus game, so this can be a real money spinner in the game.

These winnings will be added to the normal game payouts that were won before the bonus feature was activated. The Scatter will also pay out a great reward of five hundred times the total bet if you find five of them on the reels.

You can play this game for free if you want to, until you wish to play with real money.

Western Frontier

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The Old American West Come To Life in Western Frontier

America’s Old West has been the subject of many stories and movies over time. This game is by the leading games developer, Microgaming, and adds to the collection of the ever-popular tales. Western Frontier has cowboys and Indians, big blue skies and stunning prairie landscapes. There are also some great bonuses.

Western Frontier has five reels and fifteen pay lines, and the background is an interesting rocky landscape against a blue sky. The lower value symbols are the usual standard playing cards from none and ten to Ace. The higher value symbols are appropriately western in appearance, like a camp fire, tepees, a covered wagon and a symbol containing a gun, a tomahawk and a wagon wheel. The Scatter symbol is a golden horseshoe, and the Wild is a horse on its hind legs against a green evening sky.

Cowboys and Indians Free Spins Game

Western Frontier features one huge bonus game which is triggered by five of the golden horseshoe Scatter symbols appearing on the reels, and that will start the Indian feature. The player will be awarded eight free spins to start with, and each time you form a winning combination which features the Wild horse, your winnings will be doubled by a two times multiplier.

During the Indian feature the number of horse Wilds you land will be added up, and this will correspond to the number of free spins and multipliers you will receive when the Cowboy features starts. Up to three Wilds on the reels and you will get eight free spins and a multiplier of two. Between four and seven wild horses will give you ten free spins together with a three times multiplier. Between eight and eleven Wilds will give you twelve free spins plus a four times multiplier, and if you land between twelve and fifteen wild horses you will be rewarded with fourteen free spins as well as a five times multiplier. Sixteen or more horses appearing on the reels will give you ten free spins with a six times multiplier.

The cowboy feature starts when the Indian feature ends, and you will now know the number of spins that you can play, with the value of the multiplier you will get. You can win more free spins if you land some more of the golden horseshoes. This part of the bonus round can be exciting, as the cowboys are shooting all the wins that you could have had. You have to get past the cowboys, though, to move on in Western Frontier.

A Gamble Feature Is Also Available

Western Frontier has a Gamble feature too. This means that you can click on the Double up button below the reels, to play a card game. You will be asked to guess the colour of the next random playing card, and if you are correct you will have your winnings doubled up. Unfortunately, if you get it wrong you lose all your winnings.

The big bonus feature is the main attraction in Western Frontier. There are some fun animations relating to horses, when you land on a horse Wild symbol. The reels spinning also give you the sound of galloping horses’ hooves.

Slot machine free games

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The Benefits of Slot Machine Free Games

There are many slot machine free games available across the board at online casinos. One of the considerations that players should be aware of is that whereas the appreciation and enjoyment at these venues is at no cost, and the slots action is simply there for the pure enjoyment of the game, playing these games still makes players highly proficient at them.

This almost inevitably leads to increased confidence and a desire to play the machines for real money. This should be appreciated, understood, and taken into consideration when embarking on the journey of free play. The journey tends to be far longer, and the attraction far greater than initially considered.

The Progress of Slots Play

The continuous growth of casino game play has brought joy to many players. With so many games available for free, the joy of slots play is extended to many more people. The slots game genre, as the most popular of all casino games, is technologically well developed and provides a large variety of these reel-spinning games for use by players. Slot machine free games have indeed become an online casino highlight, and with this variety available, players everywhere are never at a loss anymore when faced with time that needs whiling.

Selection of Games and Options

Players are able to select either 3 or 5 reel free games. Slots games, generally, are effectively simple, clear, well-themed and fascinating pastimes to play. Around the world these games have gathered a variety of names, and depending where they are being played, could be known as slots games, or pokies, fruit machines, or coin slots. Essentially these are all exactly the same, a game of pure chance with very little additional input or strategy from the player. There are many other games available at online casinos, and often also for free play. These include the well-known roulette wheel, suites of table games, card games, video poker, live dealer games, lottery style games and many more.

Thirty Years of Continuous Development

Online casino play over the past three decades is basically a continuous chronology of technological achievements. The first online casinos were launched in 1996, and now players have modern, state-of-the-art online casinos, worldwide bingo and poker networks, as well as live online casinos and virtual reality casino play. Mobile casino gaming developed quite dramatically after the iPhone release in 2007, and quickly followed these online developments with most established casinos being at the forefront of this new mobile gambling trend. During this period, the software concerned gained accreditation and recognition too, with numerous software developers contributing to better game play and increased security.

Playing Slot Machine Free Games

The slot machine free games that are now available at these casino sites have been developed using the latest in Flash and HTML5 design and therefore will load instantly with no further download or additional software required. The game controls for these no download slots games identical to the downloadable versions too. Since the overall intention of many players is to eventually play for real money and join the casino, these free games are nevertheless excellent for practicing, getting a feel of the particular casino and how the site functions before committing and signing up. In other words, these games are really for pure enjoyment and appreciation of slots games, and fun.

pokies casino

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The Influence of Pokies Casinos

Pokies aficionados are flocking to pokies casinos. This is because with the benefits of modern technology, these adrenaline junkies can get the optimal pokies fix in an exciting casino environment with plenty of rewarding promotions, and not need to be concerned about confidentiality, their money or their winnings. Players at these pokies-based casinos can expect a reel-spinning experience that is not only a riveting form of virtual entertainment, but one that has the possibility of being financially rewarding too.

Most online players have realised that there is hardly much more fun they could have online or on a mobile device that is better than playing casino games. When any casino player thinks about playing at a casino, like the rest of the world, they picture colourful, bright and flashing lights, whistles blowing and bells ringing as players all over win jackpots and in between their own reels spinning and fancy symbols lining up on pay-lines. This attraction is the core of casino play, and has been for the past 50 years. This is also why the most popular games to play at any casino site are the pokies.

The Mobile Playing Option

Now, this has become even more so, with the highly capable and portable smartphones that have taken over our lives so completely.

Most online and mobile casinos will provide their members with the usual array of table games, blackjack, poker, roulette, video poker, bingo, baccarat and craps, as well as a host of different, new wagering options. Nevertheless, the one game type that players are still drawn to, like the proverbial moths to a flame are the pokies machines.

Evolution has impacted this casino genre too, and players of pokies games anticipate an interesting story-line, attractive reel symbols and icons, a host of bonuses including progressive jackpots and a laid-out welcome mat. Many online and some mobile pokies casino sites will enable players and visitors to test the games for free before committing any real money.

The Pokies Machines Themselves

The pokies games at the concentrated pokies casinos lend themselves perfectly to a full range of technological devices. The very simplicity of a pokies machine is ideal for smart phone game play. Mobile pokies are therefore the ideal accompaniment to any bus or car journey. Pokies games offer plenty of action, absorbing opportunities for winning and a low cost entry.

The growth of specialised pokies casinos means more for the pokies player than just unlimited pokies action. Pokies casinos start off with developing secure payment software that will assure all members of safety with their transactions. There are a host of online and mobile billing methods offered and proper customer services. Players should make sure that their choice of casino includes 24/7 support, detailed financial tracking, plus effective player monitoring and evaluation tools.

Final Considerations

Naturally, and there is no need to over-emphasise this, players will be selecting their pokies casino based largely on the multitude of promotions, bonuses special offers that the casinos will no doubt be dangling as a carrot.

Just one more thing to take note of at pokies casinos is the selection of either downloadable games or the instant flash versions. Knowing the benefits and advantages of both will give players the necessary pointers required in order for authentic appreciation of this pokies casino experience.

online soccer sports betting

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The Vibrant World of Online Soccer Sports Betting

Soccer is always described as the beautiful game. It is the sport that the entire world plays, and bets on, week in and week out. The most popular sport in the world, every single country’s national team dreams of playing at the World Cup finals, which are the largest and most televised global event. Known as football in Europe, soccer is the one genuinely global sport, and has billions of supporters throughout the world. Every single country sports league and cup competitions, and has a national team. Naturally this also means that there are soccer matches happening continuously around the world, and this is accompanied by on going persistently high levels of online soccer sports betting.

This is a veritable soccer punters’ dream. There are never-ending wagering opportunities. Somewhere in the world, the beautiful game is being played in front of passionate supporters who believe their team will win.

The Centre of the News Spotlight

Online soccer sports betting has never before been in the spotlight so completely as at the end of the English Premier League in 2016. The English Premier League is one of the very top soccer leagues in the world, and millions are bet on these matches every week. At the start of the season, the odds on Leister City winning the league were 5000 to 1. This was the same odds the bookies were giving on Elvis Presley being found alive. At the end of the season, all the news channels were full of the stories of the 24 ardent fans who had put money on their team at these odds, because Leister City actually won the league for the first time in their history.

The real story here is not actually the substantial sums of money that these punters pocketed, nor even the incredible achievements of a soccer team full of misfits and discards from other clubs. It is about the indomitable human spirit that made those 24 people resolutely place money on their team of no-hopers, despite the ridiculous odds. If online soccer sports betting were really a combination of heart and head thinking, then the head in this case was very quiet.

Betting on the Beautiful Game

The message of this tale is pretty clear. The beautiful game of soccer is fantastic to watch and follow, but when there is actual money staked on the outcome, you have a vested interest in the match, it becomes ever so much more of an event. Also, there is quite a variety of options available in online soccer sports betting, with wagers accepted on individual matches as well as the outcome of leagues and tournaments. There are even plenty of side-bets such as half time scores, individual goal scorers, goal spread, and when the goals will be scored. This array of options is available due to USA online soccer sports betting being so popular.

The widespread and completely accepted use of online soccer sports betting sites has been ushered in by the incredible accessibility of sports betting sites via both online and mobile devices. This in turn leads to sites of high quality, reputable gaming standards and secure, safe online wagering conditions.


online darts betting

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Why Online Darts Betting is so Popular

One of the most attractive features of darts, as a sport, is the fact that the game is so intrinsically linked to wagering. Even from its origins as a pub game, where drinks were put on the outcome of the game, darts has been associated with betting. This is probably the main reason for the popularity, now, of online darts betting.

There is a major international darts tournament itinerary and world circuit of players and professionals that play the game to sold-out studio audiences and a huge television following. The top players, such as Phil “The Power” Taylor, who is the leading world championships winner of all time, have an enormous fan following. This level of darts play has generated a considerable online darts betting industry, with the tournaments sponsored by the top bookmaking companies.

Wagering on Darts Play

Wagering on these events and contests is almost entirely done online, and players have a broad range of wagering options, such as the winner of individual matches, the winners of the whole tournament, highest finishes and even the number of darts used to close out the game. And all this can be done from the comfort of either a couch, car or bus.

Most people have played this social and well-known game. Knowledge of the rules and regulations is therefore extremely widespread, lending itself perfectly to broad-based wagering. Television viewership rates also indicate just how much people love a good darts match.

The Aim in a Game of Darts

The objective of a game of darts is to score 501 points faster than your opponent. Players start and finish their scoring by hitting a double. This is the narrow band of different colour at the outer edge of each number that scores double that number. Top international players need to make each and every dart count, and technically the round can be won using only 9 darts. This makes for an electrifying contest that lends itself to TV. And therefore also to wagering.

Online darts betting offers punters the opportunity to place wagers on numerous aspects of a darts game and on both league and international matches. The major tournaments are obviously the most popular times to wager on darts, however, many countries have an active darts league and so online darts betting is generally available all year round, and punters will easily find online sports books providing plenty of options.

Sports Betting Site Quality

Sports books, sports betting apps and top quality sports betting sites have become the online norm. The top sites cater for many different sports and wagering options, in an environment that is high in quality, competitive with pay-out rates, and extremely safe to deal with. Punters are able to select their favourite sports and if that is darts, will find online sports betting sites catering expressly for darts. These sports books are highly competitive, and will regularly offer incentives such as bonuses and prizes in order to attract the volumes of eager punters.

Therefore the excitement and close competition of the online darts betting world is really close at hand. An opportunity to make some good money with darts knowledge, intuition and judgement.

online casino Australia

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Online Casino Australia’s Growing Reputation

Any discussion about online casino play in Australia should really be all about the main aspect, the casinos. And when it comes to actual quality casinos, few have outperformed the reputable and independently proven fair Australian sites. A country with a time honoured casino appreciation and remarkable proficiency at the full array of casino and table games has a powerful casino tradition. The multitude of online casino Australia sites that are available to the eager antipodean audience is remarkable, not only for the quality and advanced software platform design and gameplay, but for reliability and trustworthiness too.

Another thing that Australians find in abundance at their casino sites generally are plenty of bonuses, prizes, promotions and free offers.

The Casinos Available Down Under

The online casino Australia site market has been vibrant and active at the forefront of casino play worldwide. Of late, there has been a powerful mobile influence on the growth and application of casino sites, with general usage being amplified by the migration to mobile devices. Today smartphones and tablet computers are able to do almost anything, including gambling online. And with that portability and convenience comes a whole range of great casino features. Apart from being able to enjoy casino play from anywhere and at any time, since the mobile online casino market is one of the most explosively expanding markets on the internet top game and software designers are competing for customers with great quality and interactive gameplay.

Benefits of a Competitive Market

The competition for players also means that Australians will have plenty of bonuses and jackpots offered to them. Australia is known for having a penchant for a good wager, and this market is being attracted to the online casino Australia sites with huge progressive jackpots and a whole range of welcome and sign up bonuses offered to both new and loyal players.

Playing casino games, whether that be poker, bingo, blackjack, baccarat, craps or pokies games online is one of the true advantages of the internet. Slots or pokies games, for instance, with the spinning reels and the luck-based lining up of key symbols in a way that is going to win large amounts of money with a relatively small investment seems to tickle some deep Australian need. The popularity of these games of chance has long been known, because the online casino Australia scene is fundamentally that cultivated for years at Australia’s famous ‘brick and mortar’ casinos. Vast quantities of players choosing from a huge selection of possible games in an attempt to achieve instant riches not a new idea.

Safety and Security

An online casino Australia site will be competing for the wagering market in another field too. Establishing credibility and developing trust amongst the casino community is essential in the new online environment. Social media and online communication is swift, with underhand and nefarious operators quickly being found out and exposed. The larger and better sites will therefore be anxious to establish safety and confidence in the financial transactions too. These sites will therefore also have money exchange and banking systems that are convenient for their clients, and protective of their money and well as personal details.

No deposit iPad casino

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The No Deposit iPad Casino Offer

The optimal internet tool, quite simply perfect for social media, video and movie enjoyment, the iPad has little more to prove to its users in terms of sheer functionality and ease of use. There are so many online entertainment activities available these days that people are completely spoiled for choice. Consistently rated as the least boring way to lose money and the most thrilling method of seeing what you could have won when playing for free, online and mobile casino play is suited to the iPad like a hand in a glove.

The Value of Game Play

Game play is an internet and computer phenomenon. The range of games available is almost infinite, and with the modern trend of gamification, soon education itself will be played in a game format. Within the range of games perfectly suited to iPad play, perhaps the ones that generate most excitement are the casino games. Casino play and betting have been growing consistently despite worldwide economic malaise. The real thrills of playing a game with the possibility of winning real money that has attracted and intrigued the world for centuries in land-based casinos has, despite challenges from any number of new and innovative games, retained their spark and attractiveness into the 21st century.

A tense game of blackjack, complete with casino sounds in the background, real money staked on the game, all in beautifully rendered quality HD graphics is clearly what sets hearts racing even today. And with the introduction of the marvellous iPad, we have one of the truly great ways of realising mobile casino play.

The Attraction of Online Casino Play

Online casinos want to give players the thrill of gambling, so they can feel the buzz and be so impressed that they keep coming back for more. This is why they are prepared to offer players the opportunity of playing at a casino, even via mobile devices, without needing to make a money deposit and therefore not risking any of their own money. They really get to try out the casino properly with these no deposit iPad casino offers.

A no deposit iPad casino provides the perfect solution to no risk free play. Getting to feel the thrills of an iPad casino, an online poker room or slots machine for just signing up or downloading an app is a highly attractive option. In order to qualify for a no deposit iPad casino bonus, all a player generally needs to do is to simply register a casino account. Without needing to place a deposit, and before even providing credit card details, new customers get given their bonus.

What No Deposit iPad Casino Means

The no deposit iPad casino offer is therefore the best way to feel the thrill of casino play without using any real money. An opportunity to use the iPad and its capabilities to actually win some money and enjoy any casino or table game. At a no deposit iPad casino players receive casino money to spend on a number of games or a specific one. These offers are also a great marketing technique to attract players to new games being launched or promoted.

Mobile pontoon casino games

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Mobile Pontoon Casino Games Have Benefits

Online games, game play and gamification are some of the most exciting growth industries of the 21st Century. Online casino games are particularly affected by all these developmental areas, and tend to show the results of these technological developments with enhanced games and online play. In order to prevent confusion and overlapping game development it is essential to maintain an excellence in clarity regarding the different games and options available. With new stuff appearing online almost daily, communications are going to be key is explaining and helping people understand all the new, and different offerings available. Today we deal with blackjack and pontoon.

Blackjack and Pontoon Differences

Pontoon is the British version of blackjack, with some minor, yet considerable differences. Pontoon is an oft overlooked game, such is the overwhelming popularity of blackjack. Mobile pontoon casino games are nevertheless worthwhile knowing about, because they are most certainly an excellent range of casino games that many would argue are even more fun, and lucrative, that the American counterpart.

Very importantly for online consideration is that blackjack and pontoon are both essentially simply games that are perfectly suited to casino play, and the reason for their popularity. This simplicity makes both these games ideal for online play, and as we have seen of late, even more ideal for mobile play.

Mobile Pontoon Game Objectives

Blackjack and pontoon have the same objective, which is to beat the dealer. Both are based on a score of 21, and enjoyed as two of the most popular casino table games. Both these games provide players with some of the best odds available in the casino. Players add up the face value of their cards with the aim of getting as close to 21 without going over. As stated, it is absolutely key to remember at all times that the objective is simply to beat the dealer.

The assigned values in both pontoon and blackjack are based upon standard card values, and this is that number cards are their equivalent value in points and all picture cards are worth 10 points. The ace can either be worth 1 or 11 points, as required. Suits play no part in either game.

The differences between pontoon and blackjack start with the dealers’ cards. In pontoon both are face down, whereas in blackjack only one is face down. This does make decision-making a tad trickier in pontoon since there is no indication of the strength of the dealers’ hand. Also, in pontoon, the dealer wins all ties, whereas in blackjack the player wins in the event of a tie.

The Pontoon Benefits

The differences that favour pontoon are the odds paid out by the casino. In blackjack, a hand with an Ace and a ten or picture card, pays 3:2. In pontoon, this self-same hand pays 2:1. In blackjack using 5 cards to score 21 or less is simply a 5 card hand, but in pontoon, this is termed scoring a 5-card trick, which is the second highest possible hand. Only beaten by the winning hand of pontoon, the Ace and picture card. The pay-out in pontoon on a 5-card trick is 2:1. Mobile and online pontoon players should also note the terminological differences. In pontoon, when players want another card, they do not ‘hit,’ they ‘twist’. Staying with the cards in hand is not standing, like blackjack; the term in pontoon is sticking.