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Geisha Wonders

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Geisha Wonders Online Video Slot for US Players

Geisha Wonders is a well-crafted progressive video slot game produced by Net Entertainment. The theme of this game is based on the traditional Japanese culture and the Geisha girls that have become famous through a number of acclaimed books and films.

Players from the USA can enjoy playing this game online for free or for real money. In the game, players will encounter images all relating the Japanese culture including bonsai trees, lanterns, koi fish and teapots.

The games background is a beautiful Japanese garden where two Geisha’s sit under a cherry blossom tree aside a small lake. The graphics and animation in this game are beautifully crafted and combined with the subtle oriental music and authentic sound effects all work to create a calm and pleasant gaming experience.

A 5 Reel Progressive Slot

The slot setup in Geisha Wonders is based on Net Entertainment’s standard arrangement of 5 reels with 30 paylines. On the reels, players will find a number of Japanese themed images all relating the culture and natural environment. Some of the highest paying symbols include a lucky cat ornament, a koi fish, a bonsai tree, a teapot and a Japanese fan. The lower paying symbols are all types of Japanese lantern separated by color and native writings. A series of symbols will result in winning combination on the reels.

Geisha Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Geisha Wonders is the small Buddha statue. In this game the wild statue symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other low or high paying symbols in order to form a winning combination.

There are only two symbols that the statue cannot substitute for; these are the scatter symbol and the jackpot symbol. The wild symbol in this game is also the highest paying standard reel symbol. If players manage to land all five wild statue symbols across the reels, this will trigger the standard slot jackpot payout of an impressive 10 000 coins.

Two Progressive Jackpots

In Geisha Wonders, there is a standard slot jackpot as well as two progressive jackpots up for grabs. Players in the USA can stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot at any time. During the game a star may appear on the reels on top of any of the standard reel symbol. The star symbol is the key to triggering the two jackpot payouts.

If players are lucky enough to land 4 star symbols across the reels on an active payline, this will trigger the Wonder Jackpot, the smaller of the two progressive jackpot prizes. If players manage to land all five stars across the reels, this will trigger the larger of the two progressive jackpots, the Mega Wonder Jackpot.

Free Spins with Multipliers

The Scatter symbol in Geisha Wonders is the Geisha girl holding an umbrella. Scatter symbols pay out in any position on the reels and are multiplied by the total bet stake. The scatter symbol is also the key to the free spin bonus round.

To trigger the free spin round, players must land 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The number of free spins awarded is determined by how many scatter symbols triggered the game. Three scatters awards 10 free spins. Four scatters awards 20 free spins and all five scatters awards 30 free spins. During the free spin round, all wins are doubled.

Super Nudge 6000

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Super Nudge 6000 Classic Online Slot

Super Nudge 6000 is a classic style slot game with a special super meter bonus feature that was developed by Net Entertainment. The slot game has two sets of reels where each feature three reels, three rows and a total of five pay lines. The reels at the top of the screen are the super meter reels where the bonus game is played. The reels at the bottom of the screen belong to the main game.

The biggest jackpot prize that can be won during the main slot game is 6000 coins. This amount is won when nine of the dollar sign symbols appear on all positions and the maximum bet amount is placed. Lesser bet amounts result in smaller amounts being won.

The Theme and Classic Slot Symbols

The theme of Super Nudge 6000 is based on a classic fruity slot machine that is set on a background view of an old school diner reminiscent of those found in America during the 1950’s. The main game reels displays vintage looking classic symbols like oranges; lemons; watermelons; grapes; bells and dollar signs. The super meter reels have a few extra symbols like pears; cherries; sevens and crowns.

The Betting Levels and Game Play

The main Super Nudge 6000 slot game has only two betting levels with three different values. These are either one or ten coins placed on the five pay lines. The maximum of ten coins per spin enables all five pay lines which in turn enables the super meter feature. The coins placed come in three values of 10c, 20c and $1 making the slot ideal for both casual players and high rollers in America.

The main function buttons are found below the reels on the screen. These include the bet and max bet button which allows individual or the highest allowed bet amounts to be placed on the desired pay lines. The collect button is used when the super meter bonus feature will not be played, instead the winnings will be collected and the next game will begin. Another main function button is the spin button which is clicked on once bets are ready. Super Nudge 6000 does offer an auto play feature where a pre-set number of spins spin automatically.

Super Nudge 6000 Special Features

When a winning combination lands during the regular Super Nudge 6000 game the super meter feature is enabled. To take part in this feature the spin button needs to be clicked on. The nudge feature becomes activated during the super meter bonus and three, two or one nudges are awarded for 60, 40 or 20 coin bets. If there is a possibility of a winning combination being formed by using a nudge then it will be used. Once it is and a win is a result then more nudges are given. There are more possible winning combinations and higher pay outs as per the super meter pay table. The highest pay out that is possible during this feature is 6000 coins which is won when three of the crown symbols land on one of the enabled pay lines.

Super 80s

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Super 80s Online Video Slot

Super 80s is an online video slot machine game from NetEnt. Released on 20th of June 2009, Super 80s has been around for quite a while and has grown a decent following. This slot features a wild symbol a scatter symbol, multipliers and a free spins bonus round.  As you may have gathered from the title, the game is based around the retro disco 1980s.

With 40 paylines spread over five reels and four rows, the game holds quite a few chances for players to come away with some decent winnings. A maximum bet of 200 coins can be wagered across all forty lines, or a player can also use the minimum wager of one coin. This opens up Super 80s to all sorts of budgets and players. This particular video slot does not however have any story line, but focuses more on the purist style of old school one-armed bandits. Due to this some players may find it a bit lacking when compared to the newer more progressive online video slots.

1980s Theme and Symbols

Everything about Super 80s is retro and straight from the disco era. From the twangy electric disco music in the background, to the backdrop of the game which comprises of neon lights, pink stilettos and an early walkman. The music can thankfully be muted as it can get rather cheesy. The font used throughout the game is the same as can be found on neon signs during the disco era with the overwhelming colors being luminous pink, green and purple.

The lower symbols are represented by 1980s style playing cards set into round bright bubbles. The higher symbols are a selection of various 80s objects namely a skateboard, stiletto shoes, a computer joystick, a walkman with old school headphones and a very retro style sports car. The special symbols are an unmistakable icon that states 80s Wild, and a scatter symbol represented by a girl with a pink stripe through her barnet.

Bonus Features

Super 80s has two main bonus features. The first is the Stacked Wild feature. This particular wild symbol appears on top of each other in the reels or stacks on itself. This means that a player can end up with a large number of these stacked wild symbols in the reels. Obviously the more wilds that stack up, the more winnings are up for grabs.  This symbol can substitute for any other symbol in the game except for the Pink barnet scatter girl.

The scatter girl herself appears on the middle three reels and finding three of them will result in a total payout of double your original wagered amount. She also activates a free spins round where five free spins will be awarded after the initial one. All wins from these fee spins will be doubled and added to the players balance. Should another three scatter symbols be found during this round, five more free spins will awarded again, as well as another double of the player initial payout.

King of Slots Touch

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How To Play King Of Slots Touch

Some themes just work better than others do when it comes to online slots games. NetEnt, the developer responsible for so many different slots games built around various themes, has experienced this first hand. So, they created King of Slots Touch online slots game. The theme itself is one that is simple and uncomplicated.

With regal imagery, rich neon colors, bright flashing lights and a soothing, easy going soundtrack, this online slots game offers players in the USA an accurate depiction of what slots games in traditional casinos are like. Many of them have themes that stem back to some kind of royal reference, just as this one does.

What You Need To Know

King of Slots Touch online casino game is an easy one to understand. The formula used to create this game does not stray too far from that of other popular online slots games in the USA. With five reels and three rows, the game has 25 fixed paylines. While this does mean that every time a player spins, they have to play all 25 lines, it is incredibly easy to adjust the value of the bet. The coin value starts at just one and moves all the way up to 10.

Wild Symbols And Scatter Symbols

No online slots game would be complete without a wild symbol. In King of Slots Touch, this symbol is represented by a blue gemstone. This symbol can appear at any time during the main game and can substitute for any symbol missing from a winning combination. Scatter symbols, on the other hand, are also always a welcome addition to any online slots game. Players should look out for three pink diamonds, as this is the game’s scatter representation. If three or more of these appear anywhere on the reels at any time, the game will go into free spins mode, during which players can benefit from 10 free games.

Multipliers And Re-Spins

When it comes to online slots games in the USA, there are often a few features that help enhance the experience for players. King of Slots Touch, for example, will multiply all winnings made in the aforementioned free spins up to three times. Furthermore, the game also offers re-spins, which could also increase winnings for a player.

Essentially, what happens when a winning combination is spun is that those symbols will stay in place. The next spin will be a re-spin, free of charge to the player. With the winning symbols remaining firmly in place, new ones will spin around it. This will keep on happening until no new wins are present on the reels.

King of Slots touch online casino game can provide players with an experience akin to what they would get in a traditional casino. With a fairly simple structure, the game is easy to understand and ideal for players of every level to enjoy, regardless of whether they are just beginning to learn about online slots games or if they are avid players.

Jackpot 6000

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Jackpot 6000 Classic Online Slot Game

Jackpot 6000 is an online slot game with the three reels that are typical of classic slots and a total of five different pay lines. The game was developed by Net Entertainment who created the game to be reminiscent of old classic slot machines found in land based casinos and bars across America. The simplicity of the game is coupled with two bonus features. The jackpot 6000 reels are adorned with classic symbols including stars; bells; cherries; lemons; grapes and the featured joker symbols

The jackpot prize is as the name of the game states, 6000 coins. This amount is won when three of the joker symbols land on an enabled pay line with the maximum ten coin bet. A lesser bet of eight coins wins the second highest prize of 1600 coins for the same symbol combination.

Betting Options and How to Play

Jackpot 6000 has fixed betting values of either a denomination of 0.10 or a denomination of 0.20 which makes Jackpot 6000 a classic online slot for all levels of players in America. Two coins can be placed on each of the five pay lines making the maximum bet ten coins for a spin.

There are seven main buttons that control the Jackpot 6000 game. These include the collect button which is used to collect the winning amounts without playing the heads or tails double up or super meter bonus games. The transfer button on the other hand will collect twenty coins per win in case only part of the amount will be used for the double up bonus game.

The bet and max bet buttons allow the coins bet to be placed individually for up to ten coins or to automatically place the maximum bet with one click. The spin button is used to start the reels and there is an auto play feature too, which is found in the settings menu which is accessible through the icons at the bottom of the screen. The settings also have buttons that adjust game features like the sound volume. Amongst the main seven buttons are the heads and tails buttons. These are used to play the double up bonus game by either choosing heads or choosing tails.

Heads or Tails and Super Meter

Whichever of the two buttons is clicked on, whether it is heads or tails, is the side of the coin that must be revealed in order to double up the winning amount. This double up bonus game is activated after any winning combination lands on an enabled pay line and results in a payout.

The Jackpot 6000 super meter bonus feature is also activate after a winning combination lands on an enabled pay line. This feature is optional and requires the stake to be increased to twenty coins. When a win occurs the spin button must be clicked on to activate the super meter which will transfer the winning amount into the super meter above the reels. During this feature two of the joker symbols landing in any position on the reels will result in a win of anything from 10 to 6000 coins.

Fruitshop Touch

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A Summary Of Fruitshop Touch Online Slots

In the world of online slots games, some images will remain constant throughout. Sure enough, there will be plenty of themes that come and go, but imagery that will always remain popular includes the likes of lucky number sevens, sparkling jewels and of course, juicy fruits. The latter is what players can expect to find adorning the reels of Fruitshop Touch online slots game.

Developed by NetEnt, this game offers players in the USA a good, old-fashioned slots playing experience. With all the classic features that have made slots games popular, this game is ideal for both beginners and seasoned players.

Devices To Play On

The USA’s online slots game players can access Fruitshop Touch quite easily. The game can be played on almost any iOS or Android device, which most people have at least one of these days. Furthermore, the game is designed to be fully responsive, which means that it can adapt to fit any screen.

So if you have already played it on an iPad, you can log in from an Android phone and still get the same experience you had the first time you played, as this game works across numerous devices.

Betting Guidelines

Fruitshop Touch online slots game’s betting options are quite broad and varied, so players can easily adjust their bets according to what best suits their needs. There are 10 different betting levels, and the coin values start at 0.01 and go all the way up to 1. There are 15 lines across which players can win.

This particular online slot game has been described as having a high variance. Essentially, what this means is that payouts may be infrequent, but when they do happen, they will be rather significant. In other words, if players are patient, they can walk away with very generous rewards.

Fruitshop Bonuses

As mentioned above, the reels of Frutishop Touch are adorned with juicy fruits. However, scattered in between the fruit are traditional card symbols. These are not valued as highly as the fruit themselves. Should a player manage to spin five cherries, they will be awarded a jackpot bonus of 2000 coins. Furthermore, within the game’s 15 paylines is a free spin trigger. Matching fruit symbols could lead to free spins, ranging anywhere from just one spin to five. These can happen at any point throughout the game and can also be re-triggered spontaneously. Players should also watch out for spinning the game’s logo. Not only does this symbol act as the wild card and substitute any other symbol to form a winning combination, it also offers a multiplier of up to two times the winnings. It’s definitely the kind of symbol you want to see flashing on your screen.

Overall, Fruitshop Touch online slots game is an easy one to understand. In between the bright colors and pieces of fruit, there is very little that could confuse someone, which is what makes it the ideal game for players of all levels to try out.

Dazzle Me Touch

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How To Play Dazzle Me Touch Slots

Everyone loves diamonds and jewels. They represent wealth and success, and this sentiment is particularly true in the world of online casinos. Players can almost be sure that when they see these sparklers flashing across their screens, they are onto something good. Dazzle Me Touch, by NetEnt is filled with such gems.

Reel Symbols

Adorning the reels, players can expect to see brightly colored jewels and lucky number sevens racing up and down their screens, all accompanied by a soundtrack as dazzling as the precious stones themselves. The format of this game is a little bit different to what players in the USA are used to seeing from online slots games, but the game still makes for a force to be reckoned with nonetheless.

Basic Structure

Perhaps the most noticeable difference with Dazzle Me Touch is the reels. Instead of the traditional square layout, this game’s reels are structured in a staggered pattern. Simply put, there are three symbols in the first two reels, four in the third and fourth reels and five in the fifth one. Furthermore, it is unique in the sense that it has five reels and 76 betting lines. In other words, each spin brings 76 new opportunities for players to win. As a whole, the structure all works together to make it easier for the player to see when they have spun a win.

Help Is Always There

If you are a seasoned player of online slots games and you have become used to a certain structure and in turn, a certain way of playing, it could take a while for you to adjust to the way in which Dazzle Me Touch is set up. However, once you are into it, it will feel as though you’ve been playing this way all along. Should you need a little bit of help, however, you can always press the question mark at the side of the screen. Here, you will find all the information you need to carry on playing.

Bonus Features

Of course, Dazzle Me Touch does have some bonus features to keep players entertained. Firstly, there is a free spins round which is designed to help players land some easy wins. Secondly, much like the game itself, the wild symbol is not like a conventional symbol of its kind. Instead of just one symbol to substitute another in order to form a winning combination, an entire reel of wild symbols will appear and slot into potentially winning combinations. The number of wild symbols to appear will depend entirely on the reel that it initially appeared on, as the reels are staggered, after all.

The aforementioned bonus features aren’t the only ones that Dazzle Me Touch online slots game has to offer. There are also a number of free spins available throughout the game, and they can happen at any point. If players in the USA play the game cleverly and with a bit of strategy, they are sure to walk away with a pretty penny.