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Triple Wins High Limit

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Triple Wins High Limit Instant Online Access

Winter blizzards and spring showers can be equally unpleasant to trudge through just to buy a scratch card, and a mission to the convenience store in the height of summer is no fun either. Luckily for America’s scratch card enthusiasts, though, they can play their favorite cards, like Net Entertainment’s Triple Wins High Limit, from their computer keyboard without leaving the house.

After slots, scratch cards are the USA’s top-played online casino games, because they are so simple to play, while offering a range of prizes for the same low bet. Triple Wins High Limit adds a bonus that is highly unusual in scratch cards: a progressive jackpot.

Scratch Card Laid Out as Usual                                      

American fans are familiar with the typical scratch card layout; a 3X3 grid of hidden symbols with a hidden multiplier below them. NetEnt hasn’t deviated from the simplicity of this design, although the extensive use of rich gold in the Triple Wins High Limit layout, with little accents of black and deep red, give the game a luxurious feel visually. To the right of the scratch card interface is a selection of 10 cards; players must pick one and click the Buy Ticket button to begin. These cost 2.00 in whatever currency they are playing in, for a maximum win, not counting the progressive jackpot, of 30,000.

Scratch to Reveal Wins and Multiplier

Once the player has bought a Triple Wins High Limit ticket, play moves to the ticket interface on the left of the screen. The player can choose from a number of scratching tools, including a key, a coin and a ring, and then scratch off the top layer on all 10 spaces manually, which is a ritual many swear by. If they prefer, they can just hit the Scratch All button and all 9 symbols on the grid, as well as the multiplier bonus, will be revealed immediately.

Multiplier Increases Prizes up to 10 Times

The symbols revealed on the Triple Wins High Limit grid will either be numbers, from 2 to 30,000 with six prize levels in between, or three gold ingots, which is the jackpot symbol. Players need to match three symbols anywhere on the Triple Wins High Limit grid to win the symbol’s value as a prize. The multiplier will increase any prize won by X1, X2, or X10; players have a random chance of hitting any one of these three options on every ticket.

Pay Tables and More Information

The progressive jackpot on each Triple Wins High Limit game is specific to the casino offering it, so the amount will vary depending on the number of players the game attracts at each site. However, it can grow into tens of thousands, or even six figures, and the current jackpot amount is displayed on the top right of the screen. Three jackpot symbols in any position on the card will trigger the progressive jackpot. The Pay Table button is on the bottom left of the screen; if players click through to the Pay Table, they can not only see the various prizes on offer, they can also learn how often these wins come up in every one million cards, so they can work out the odds and get an idea of how long they need to play to stand a good chance of hitting big wins. Other game controls and information are accessed by buttons below the card interface and players can choose scratch tools via a button at the top of the screen.


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Spellcast Slots Game Blends Two Genres

Modern video slots games, now a favorite online pastime of many players in the USA and elsewhere, come in a large range of themes. These can include horror standards like zombies and vampires, gritty thrillers dealing with crime or war, lofty myths and legends, or lightweight titles dealing with pop culture or classic fruit machine layouts.

Spellcast, a 20-payline digital slots game from industry giant Net Entertainment, mixes this up. One the one hand, it contains ghoulish cauldrons and dark spells to a soundtrack of dripping damp, maniacal cackling and eerie noises, but the bright, detailed designs also stay in fairy-tale territory, rather than horror, so the result is humorous rather than scary.

Witch vs Wizard on the Reels                                       

Spellcast’s five reels stand in for a battle between two powerful magical characters; a Witch and a Wizard. The design mirrors the story’s classic roots, with even the Poker symbols, 9 to A, rendered in heavy Gothic script, glinting golden against the forbidding stonewall backdrop. The higher-value symbols depict a Magic Wand, a Spellbook, a Potion, the Witch at her Cauldron, and the Witch flying over a Castle. The Cauldron and the number 9 begin scoring for matches of two, but the other icons require three of a kind or more in sequence from Reel 1 to win a prize. The biggest standard win is 750 coins, for five Castles on one payline.

Wilds can be Worth 10,000 Coins

Like most wild symbols, Spellcast’s mad Wizard, depicted with a manic gleam in his eye and bearing a gem of power, can take the place of all other symbols except the scatter. This increases the number of winning paylines that can be made, and the wild also doubles payout for any wins in which it features, with the exception of five wilds on one payline. This combination still delivers the best payout even without a X2 multiplier, however, as it is worth 10,000 coins.

Crystal Ball Triggers Free Spins

The Spellcast scatter is the Witch’s Crystal Ball, and like most scatters it performs the dual function of adding multipliers and triggering bonus rounds. Two or more scatters in any finishing position trigger multipliers for the win on that spin, up to 500X the total win for five scatters. But three scatters or more also trigger the bonus free spins round, with a triple multiplier applying to wins on the 15 free spins that are awarded.

Paylines are not Fixed

If there is one thing online casino enthusiasts in America enjoy, it is choice, and NetEnt has designed Spellcast’s betting options accordingly. The player can choose any number of paylines between 1 and 20, along with coin values from 0.02 to 0.50, and 4 bet levels. In total, the player can be risking as little as 0.02 coins per spin, up to as many as 80. The range available makes Spellcast accessible on most budgets, so players can set their wagers according to their pockets and engage the auto spin function, followed by hours of affordable slots entertainment.

Silent Run

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Silent Run Mixes Slots and Submarine Warfare

Silent Run, a five-reel digital slots game from major-league developer Net Entertainment, represents a significant departure from the happy-go-lucky themes so prevalent in many popular slots titles. America’s online gaming fans with an interest in the dangerous submarine missions of World War II will enjoy Silent Run’s bleak underwater setting. Another link to this conflict is the interactive animation rendered in typical NetEnt detail that accompanies the Echo Bonus Game, in which the player gets to fire torpedoes at enemy ships of different prize values.

Two Bonus Features Make a Difference                   

Silent Run’s Echo Bonus Game is triggered when the green Echo icon lands anywhere on Reel 3. This symbol then sends out 3 sonar pings, searching the vicinity for torpedoes. The total number of torpedoes, determined randomly between 2 and 5, governs the number of torpedoes the player then gets to fire at up to five different target ships, and each hit adds a hidden coin win and multiplier to the total prize for the spin. The Echo Wild is an identical icon that can also appear anywhere on Reel 3, although the Echo Wild is colored red. It transmits 3 sonar pings too. These will reveal extra hidden wilds in the area, which can result in many more winning paylines.

Stark Military Design Prevails

The regular wild in Silent Run is the mesh-covered Red Light used on submarines to minimize light leakage, which can give away a sub’s position. This wild applies no multipliers, but can stand in for any other icons except the two Echo symbols to plump up the wins. The authentic military utility is carried through to the design of the rest of the icons; even the low-value Poker symbols are presented as angular metal cut-outs. The higher-value symbols, Depth Charges, Explosive Mines, Torpedoes, a Destroyer and a Submarine, are rendered in muted sepia colors, with a top win of 1,000 coins for five Submarines on a payline.

Paylines are Fixed, but Betting Option Vary

Silent Run offers 25 fixed paylines, meaning the player must bet on all 25 for every spin, but number of coins per line and coin size are both adjustable, so a spin will cost players between 25 and 250 coins. The game is also available in free-play versions, and several casinos serving online gamblers in the USA offer both free and real-money versions of Silent Run, so the size of one’s bankroll doesn’t limit one’s ability to play.

A Solid Slots Interpretation of Undersea Stalking

Even the sound effects help reinforce Silent Run’s theme. Apart from a quick burst of portentous military music at the start, the reels spin in silence, with only the faint noise of water rushing over the hull audible, just like in a real sub running silently. Wins are marked by a short celebratory fanfare, but if the player scores a big win on multiple paylines, the stealth rules are dropped for a noisy crescendo and star animations all over the winning icons. With two unique bonuses so different from the usual scatter multipliers and free spins, Silent Run gives slots enthusiasts in the USA and elsewhere a tense window into the claustrophobic world of undersea war, although the gloomy atmosphere never quite overwhelms the thrills of winning.

Relic Raiders

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Relic Raiders Online Video Slots Game

Relic Raiders is a video slots game designed and released by gaming giants Net Entertainment. It can be likened to the adventures of popular entertainment icon Indiana Jones, whom US players will be familiar with. The game offers players five reel, four rows, and fifty pay lines to play with, in addition to offering various coin denominations and four different bet levels players in the US can select to suit their preference and their pocket. With the maximum bets placed and all pay lines activated, the maximum jackpot win can lie at two hundred thousand coins on one single spin.

Bringing the Theme to Life

In order to accentuate the theme of adventures, mystery, and treasures, the Relic Raiders video slots game uses symbols that are in line with these items. Some of these symbols include gems, such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, while others include a king cobra, monkey, plane, treasure map, treasure chest, and a witch doctor.

The Winning Combinations

Winning combinations in the Relic Raiders video slots game are formed when players land at least three identical symbols on an active pay line. The winning combination with the smallest payout is achieved when landing three sapphire symbols, which pays out two coins per win. Various other winning combinations will trigger the bonus features of the Relic Raiders video slots game.

The Relic Raiders Bonus Game

If players land three or more bonus symbols in line on an active pay line, this will trigger the Relic Raiders bonus game. Once this game has been triggered, players will be able to select four locations or tombs where they wish to look for treasure. Once this selection has been made, a second screen will open, presenting players with numerous urns, which they may smash on their hunt for treasure. Each urn will contain either a relic or a spider. If players smash an urn with a relic, this will reward them with a bonus amount. However, if players smash an urn with a spider, the bonus round will end and players will be returned to the base game. The bonus game will only be valid for one try, but the winnings made will be saved on the side of the screen. Access to the bonus game will be granted again if players once again land three bonus symbols in a row on an active pay line.

The Relic Raiders Mystery Game

The mystery game can only be accessed via the Relic Raiders bonus game. If players happen to find four relics whilst smashing the urns, that is, through repeatedly returning to the bonus game, this will trigger the mystery game. Once the mystery game has been triggered, players will be presented with four golden statues. They can pick one of the four statues to reveal a mystery prize.

Scatters and Free Spins

In addition to the above bonus features, the Relic Raiders video slots game also includes a free spins round, which is activated by landing three or more scatter symbols. Once the scatter combination has been landed, players may click on one of the scatters to reveal how many free spins they have been rewarded with and what the multiplier for these will be, which may be anything from between one and five. Landing two or more scatters during the free spins round will add another two free spins or an additional multiplier to the round.

Neon Staxx

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The Neon Staxx Video Slots Game

Neon Staxx is a video slots game by Net Entertainment, also known more simply as NetEnt, that offers players a retro style popular in the US that harks back to the 1980s. The design of the game may be said to be flashy and colorful, drawing the neon lights as inspiration, and the background music and sound effects of the game match the theme thereof.

The Base Design of Neon Staxx

The Neon Staxx video slots game offers players an estimated payout percentage of 96.90%, which suggests frequent winning opportunities. The video slots game features five reel, four rows, and a total of forty pay lines that players may play on in order to try their luck. For increased winning opportunities, the Neon Staxx video slots game also features wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and a special Super Staxx bonus feature.

Substituting Symbols

In the Neon Staxx video slots game, US players will be able to make use of the Neon Staxx wild symbols in order to substitute symbols. The wild symbol in this game is represented by the icon of a metallic ring with the word ‘Wild’ across it, aptly depicted in neon pink to complete the theme. This Neon Staxx wild symbol may be used to substitute any of the other symbols, except for the scatter gem symbols of the game, in order to complete a winning pay line and receive the highest possible payout. The wild symbols are available in both the base game and the free spins round.

In addition to allowing players to substitute other symbols, the Neon Staxx wild symbols also operate as one of the best paying symbols in their own right when they create their own winning combinations. For example, if players land three wild symbols, this will pay out fifteen coins. If players land four wild symbols, they will receive a payout of thirty coins. Finally, if players land five wild symbols, they will receive a payout of a total of two hundred coins.

The Super Staxx Bonus Feature

The Super Staxx bonus feature operates as the game’s special feature, which may be randomly triggered at any point during game play. Once this feature has been activated, symbols will stack up on top of the actual reel in order to cover an entire reel all the way from top to bottom. This may happen to one reel or to numerous reels at the same time and will cover all symbols except the scatter symbols. This Super Staxx bonus feature may increase a player’s chances of winning as it offers them, in effect, another spin, that is, more symbols, without actually having to activate another spin.

The Neon Staxx Free Spins Feature

The Neon Staxx video slots game also offers players a free spins feature for more winning chances. The free spins feature may be triggered when players land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, and the number of free spins received will depend on the number of scatter symbols landed. If players land three scatter symbols, they will be rewarded with ten free spins. If players land four scatter symbols, they will be rewarded with fifteen free spins. Finally, if players land five scatter symbols, they will be rewarded with a total of twenty free spins.

Lucky Double

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Lucky Double Online Scratch To Win Game

True to its name, Lucky Double presents you with two scratch cards, doubling the chance to play and doubling the chances of winning. Lucky Double scratch cards is an example of Net Entertainment’s latest software to play instant win casino games online.

Lucky Double Game Play Options

To play Lucky Double, you begin by clicking Buy Ticket to pay the $2 required cost per play. As an alternative, the game screen includes a demo option that allows you to play free practice rounds.

After paying the initial $2, the two Lucky Double scratch cards appear side by side on the game screen, ready to be scratched for a chance to win.

On the left is a 2 x 3 grid consisting of six panels, and on the right is a 3 x 3 grid consisting of nine panels.

Next, you use the scratch tool to select one of three scratching objects: a casino chip, a medal, or a cuff link. Using your mouse, click and drag the scratching object up, down and across the boxes on each grid, making sure you scratch the boxes open completely.

Alternatively, select scratch all and allow all of the boxes to be cleared for you.

Boxes that are not completely scratched open are unable to accurately register whether or not there is a win. Take your time and scratch thoroughly to ensure no unnecessary delays during game play.

Betting And Winning Info

The game screen shows you immediately whether or not you have won a round. Your current playing credit can be viewed at the bottom right of the game screen. This reflects all winnings, which are automatically added and will remain up to date as you play.

For a confirmed win, you need to get three of a kind on one of the scratch cards. If there is a dollar amount that has been spread over both the Lucky Double scratch cards that have been played, this will not count because the two scratch cards are evaluated independently of each other.

Game Settings And User-Friendly Interface

Standard settings from NetEnt are featured, allowing players to adjust the game to suit their particular requirements. You can find the setting icons at the bottom of the page. In order, they are a speaker, the scratch tool and a question mark.

Using the speaker, you can adjust or even turn off the volume if you want to.

The scratch tool enables you to select the object that you want to use to scratch open the scratch cards. The scratch sound effects and animations for shavings give you a realistic experience without any of the mess. The objects to choose from are a casino chip, a medal, or a cuff link.

You can use the question mark to access to the Help menu, which will allow you to view the Lucky Double scratch card game rules and a history of your previous games. The history will not include practice plays or the demo.

Live Casino

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Live Casino Games

With the advent of the Internet in the 1990s came an increasingly popular alternative to the land-based casinos that have been around for decades. These online casinos mimic the traditional casinos when it comes to games, however, they have the added benefit of allowing players to play the games from the comfort of their own home.

Players no longer need to travel, sometimes far distances, in order to enjoy their favorite casino games. Similar to land-based casinos, online casinos offer a variety of different games to its players. Among these are table games. Most table games are played against the casino with the computer being the dealer.

There is one exception to this, however, and that is the live dealer games.

In live dealer games there is no computerized dealer but instead the dealer is an actual person and players from all over the world can play against the dealer from their computers, tablets or mobile devices. These realistic real time games enjoy widespread popularity among many people in the USA.

How to Play Live Casino Games

Once joining a casino that offers live casino games players can join a live casino game that is taking place at that exact moment. The player will be able to see the dealer standing at a casino gaming table through a live stream video link. There are options available on screen for the player to place their wagers. They will also be able to communicate with the dealer via text on a live chat. This live chat will be easily accessible from the computer screen. In certain cases, the players can also communicate amongst themselves in the same manner.

The way in which these live casino games are setup means that players have maximum participation in the game, in much the same way that they would if they were at a traditional land-based casino. The rules for the games are generally the same as when the games are played at a land-based casino, however, certain software providers may introduce some unique versions of the traditional table games.

Live Casino Games for Tablets and Mobile Devices

One of the reasons online casinos increased in popularity so quickly was the fact that they offered ease of access to casino games from anywhere in the world through the use of a laptop computer. The next step in boosting the portability of online casinos was to offer them from a mobile or tablet platform. This means that people do not even need access to the bulkier laptops in order to play their favorite games. Now they just need to use their mobile devices, which most people have.

As live casino games have always been highly rated, companies ensured that these games would also be offered on mobile casinos. Live casino games are now offered on many of the mobile casino sites, and can be accessed on either Apple or Android devices, both mobile phones and tablets.

In order to play live casino games from a mobile device the player merely needs a stable Internet connection and a device that supports the mobile casino’s operating software. This generally means that the player must have downloaded the software or the app for the casino in order to play.

Another reason that playing live casino games from mobile devices has become so trendy in the USA is the fact that many of these casinos are powered by software from reputable developers and as such are reliable and safe. Registering accounts and making deposits straight from the smart phone is an easy and secure process.

Jungle Games

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Jungle Games Online Video Slots Game

Jungle Games is high quality animated online video slot powered by Net Entertainment. The game can be played online in the USA at all Net Entertainment casinos. The theme of this game is all about a group of animals that are competing in various sporting games.

In this game players will encounter Giraffes playing basketball, boxing lions, swimming hippos and weight lifting gorillas. The backdrop to this game is a panoramic view of the African plains where the animals face off in their respective sporting events. The graphics in this game are top-class with smooth animation and vibrant sound effects every time a winning combination is achieved. In the background, players can hear the sounds of the various animals in their natural habitat.

5 Reel Jungle Themed Slot

The slot arrangement in Jungle Games is based on Net Entertainment’s standard setup of 5 spinning reels with 20 paylines. This animated game includes a number of bonus features in the form of wild symbols, multipliers, scatter symbols and free spins.

On the reels, players will find a host of amusing animal characters partaking in various sporting events. Some of the highest paying symbols include the Lion boxer, the Rhino playing table tennis, the gorilla lifting weights, the giraffe playing basketball and the hippo swimming a race. The lower paying symbols are all types of sporting gear including boxing gloves, a table tennis bat, a set of weights, a basketball swimming goggles and a whistle.

Trophy Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Jungle Games is the gold trophy that all the animals are competing for in the games. In this slot game, the trophy can be used to substitute for any of the other standard reel symbols in order to form a winning combination. The only symbol the wild symbol cannot substitute for is the scatter symbol.

The wild symbol also acts as a multiplier in this game. When the wild symbol is involved in a winning combination, the resultant win will automatically be doubled. The game also includes a handy autoplay feature, which means that players in the USA can set the number of spins between stops as well as the time between each spin.

Gold Medal Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in Jungle Games is the gold medal symbol. Scatter wins pay out in any position on the reels and are multiplied by the total bet stake. The scatter symbol is also the key to triggering the bonus round. To activate the bonus round, players must land 3 or more gold medal scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Once the bonus round has been triggered, players can choose from two different types of bonus games.

Choosing a Bonus Game

In the Jungle Games bonus round, players can choose between a standard bonus game and a free spin bonus round. In the standard bonus game, players simply pick from a number of images to reveal a coin prize. If players chose to play the free spin round, the game will randomly decide how many spins are awarded and what multiplier will be attached to the free spins.

Jacks or Better Multihand

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Jacks or Better Multihand Pays for Pairs

America’s Video Poker fans know what they like, and the result has been a number of different developers creating Video Poker titles that cater to all tastes. Jacks or Better Multihand, from Real Time Gaming, frees player from the three-of-a-kind-at-least qualification required by many other Video Poker titles to score a win. A pair of Jacks or better, including Two Pairs, is enough to unlock the Pay Table.

Players can also play up to 10 hands on each round, with held cards becoming common across all the hands played. Each hand will receive different draw cards to replace the discards, however, leaving the player with 10 different possibilities of a winning combination. Along with payouts for two Jacks or better, this multihand feature gives US Video Poker aficionados even more chances to win for the same set bet on Jacks or Better Multihand.

Standard Video Poker Rules Apply                             

Jacks or Better Multihand operates like most other Video Poker titles. The player places a set bet per hand, and is dealt five cards. The player can hold any number of cards from one to five, and draw replacements for the rest. After the draw, all the hands played are assessed for winning Poker combinations, and all winning hands are paid out according to the stake wagered and the multiplier on the Pay Table. If the initial deal yields two Jacks or any other natural winning combination, those cards will be held automatically. However, players can remove that hold and discard the cards, if they think they can draw a higher winning combination.

It is not recommended that they discard guaranteed winners, however, unless they have intricate knowledge of the odds and are confident that more profitable Jacks or Better Multihand combinations are probable on the draw.

Gamble Feature Can Enhance Poor Wins

The Gamble option is now a feature of many slots and Video Poker games, and it also features in Jacks or Better Multihand. After any winning hand or hands, players have the ability, if they choose to, to risk the entire win on a 50/50 guess. If they guess right, the win is doubled, and they have the chance to Gamble it again, or bank it. If they guess wrong, they lose the original prize won. Because players are betting on several Jacks or Better Multihand hands at once, it is possible that a total win for a round may be less than the total amount wagered on it.

In this case, using the Gamble feature makes sense, as it can turn a loss into breaking even or indeed a profit. If the win from a round exceeds the total wager, it makes more sense to collect the winnings immediately and ignore the Gamble button.

Video Poker Avoids the Table Game Irritations

One of the reasons so many casino fans like Video Poker in general, and Jacks or Better Multihand in particular, is the way this format does away with potential sources of irritation from other players. The noisy drinker, or the gum chewer; these annoyances can all be encountered at a table Poker game, and that’s before we deal with the intricacies of betting or bluffing.

Jacks or Better Multihand involves only the player and the casino, with only one betting choice to make and one opportunity to draw. It is simpler, faster, and someone else with a stronger hand can’t beat a winning combination.

Hook’s Heroes

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Hook’s Heroes Online Video Slot Overview

Hook’s Heroes is a playful and fun online video slot game powered by Net Entertainment. The theme of this slot is based on the story Peter Pan, Captain Hook and the pirates of Neverland. In a strange twist, in this game the children dress up as the pirate characters in a stage production. The game itself can be played online in the USA at all NetEnt casinos.

Behind the reels is a stage set where cardboard cutouts of are used to make up the stage props in a play about the pirates. The game features cartoon style graphics quirky sound effects and a playful Caribbean sound track.

5 Reel Pirate Themed Slot

In Hook’s Heroes, the slot machine setup is based on Net Entertainment’s standard arrangement of 5 spinning reels with 20 paylines. The game also includes a number of bonus features in the form of a wild symbol, scatter symbol and a choose-your-own feature free spin bonus round. On the reels, players will find a number of interesting pirate characters.

The high card symbols are all children dressed up as Pirates. These include the pirate with beard and bandanna, the girl with the large necklace, the girl with the braces and glasses, the boy with the rubber duck on his head and the boy with the pirate patch on his eye.

High and Low Paying Symbols

The lower paying symbol in Hook’s Heroes are all high card symbols that have been printed on the back of wooden boards. These include the high cards from 10 to Ace. The highest paying symbol in this game is actually the boy pirate with the bandanna and the beard. In the standard game with no multipliers all five bandana pirate symbols will trigger a payout of 900 coins. If this is triggered during the mermaid feature and is completed by a wild symbol, the payout will be multiplied by 4x to a respectable 3600 coins.

Captain Hook Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Hook’s heroes is the boy dressed up as Captain Hook. The wild symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other standard symbols in order to create a winning combination. The scatter symbol in this game is the boy dressed up as a crocodile. Players in the USA should keep an eye out for him as he is the key to triggering the free spin bonus round. To activate the free spin round, players must land 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

3 Free Spin Bonus Feature

In Hook’s Heroes, when the free spin round is triggered, players can choose one of three features to play in the bonus round. The first feature is the Fairy feature where between two and five wild symbols are added to the reels in each free spin. The second feature is the mermaid feature where every win is multiplied by 2x. If a wild symbol completes the win, it will be multiplied by 4x.

The final feature is the pirate feature. In this feature there are no wild symbols or multipliers. Instead all of the standard symbols can be used to create a win from any positon on the reels. This means that players do not have to line up the symbols on a payline in order to trigger a win.