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Excalibur Video Slot by NetEnt

Excalibur is a popular online video slot game designed and produced by Net Entertainment. The game is based on the Legend of King Arthur who pulled the famous Excalibur sword from the stone to claim his rightful place as king of the Camelot. The backdrop to the game is a simple black screen with two burning candles either side of the reels. The main set of reels is framed in an ornate gold design highlighting the colourful symbols within. The graphics are decent and are accompanied by medieval style music playing lightly in the background.

King Arthur Medieval Video Slot

Behind the medieval theme, Excalibur is based on the classic slot setup of 5 spinning reels with three rows and a total of 20 paylines. At the start of the game and before each spin, players can select the number of paylines they would like to play from 1 up to 20. The game also features a bet multiplier which can increase the bet by 4x. In addition to the main slot setup, the game also features a two types of Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and a free spins bonus round. The highest paying non-bonus symbol of the game is King Arthur himself. Finding all five across the reels will pay out 750 coins on a standard bet.

After King Arthur, the next highest paying symbol is the wizard Merlin reading from a book of spells. After Merlin is an image of Lancelot and Guinevere followed by the mysterious lady of the lake. She is followed by the black sorceress and finally the black knight. For the lower paying symbols, NetEnt have used the classic playing card symbols from 10 to ace. These have been emblazoned onto knights shields to blend into the medieval theme.

Wild Symbol and Golden Wild

The Wild symbol in Excalibur is the famous sword itself. As a Wild symbol, it can be used to substitute for any of the other non-bonus symbols in order to form a winning combination on one of the active paylines. The only two symbols the Wild cannot substitute for are the Golden Wild and the Scatter symbol. When the Wild does complete a winning combination, the resultant win will be doubled.

Excalibur also features a second Wild symbol which is called a Golden Wild. This is the same image but drenched in a golden light. The only difference between the golden Wild and the Standard Wild is the multiplier attached. When a Golden Wild completes a line win, the resultant win will automatically be quadrupled.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The Scatter symbol in Excalibur is the golden chalice. This symbol pays out in any position on the reels and it is the key to unlocking the free spins bonus round. To trigger the free spins round, players must land 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels. The more Scatters that trigger the round, the more free spins are awarded. 3 Scatters awards 10 free spins while 4 Scatters awards 20 free spins. If players manage to land all 5 Scatter symbols across the reels, this will result in the highest payout of 30 free spins.

Submariner slot

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Submariner Slot by Cryptologic Online Game Developers

Many heroes occupy the seemingly infinite universe created by Marvel Comics and villains, all of which are able to draw on their supernatural abilities in order to further their aims, be these for good or for evil. Some of these superheroes and malefactors have become extraordinarily popular, and are widely recognised even by people who do not rank reading comic books as one of their favourite pastimes, while others will only be familiar to hard-core fans who make it their business to know everything about everyone ever rendered in ink. The Submariner slot takes for its champion a member of the latter group, and many players may well find themselves looking him up as a result.

Namor, the prince who becomes the hero for which the Submariner slot by Cryptologic is named, was created by Bill Everest for Marvel Comics back in 1939, and over the following ten years he became incredibly popular with this company’s readers, with his legacy still being felt today.

Format and Setup for Cryptologic’s Submariner Slot

Submariner slot has five reels and 25 paylines, and it is provided along with substitute, or wild symbols; scatters; a bonus game; and the chance to win the progressive Marvel jackpot. Players are able to take their pick from an array of bet options encompassing a wide range of between 0.01 and 5, and the maximum bet possible for play is a not-insignificant 125.

Payouts are provided when players manage to land a minimum of two or three symbols, depending on which of these icons appears, on their active paylines. Winning combinations need to begin on the left-hand side of the player’s screens, and the most valuable possible combo is that of five wilds, paying out a whopping x5 000.

Players are able to take Submariner slot for a test-run if they wish to, and can see whether they enjoy the entertainment on offer before committing any of their own money to play. Switching over to a real-money format is very easy to do, and players will be able to do so at any point during the game.

Symbols for Submariner Slot Online

The Submariner slot symbols include the image of a sea monster; the captain of a sailing ship; an underwater town; a gigantic squid; various pieces of scuba diving equipment; a harpoon; an anchor; and an amulet. All of the images players will be trying to line up along their active paylines are connected in some way to the slots topic.

There are also special symbols, provided with advanced functions, available for the game, and these include:

  • Wild, or substitute, symbols. These will be the particular favourite of those who are playing Submariner slot. They are able to appear on any of the game’s reels; forms combinations paid out by the highest indexes; and are able to stand in for all of the other symbols, except the scatter, when required to do so in order to form a winning combinations. Additionally, when combinations are formed in this manner, players’ winnings will be doubled in value. When it appears on the first and fifth reels simultaneously the bonus round, Submariner Swim, is triggered.
  • The scatter symbol is the logo for the game, and it forms combinations by the general rules but also pays out in an extra way. Players’ winning totals can be calculated by multiplying his or her total bet per spin by one; five; 15; or 100, and these amounts are connected to two; three; four or five scatters landing.

Street Fighter 2

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Street Fighter 2 Slots by Cryptologic

As far back as 1991, the Japanese Capcom Co. Created a multi-software game for computer owners to enjoy by the name of Street Fighter 2, a sequel to a game first debuted in 1987. The game was initially intended for arcade slot machines, but it later got adapted for use by home consoles, and enjoyed especial success –as a matter of fact, no other game every developed by Capcom Co. has managed to surpass it in terms of sale volume.

Street Fighter 2 hardly needs an introduction, as the vast majority of computer game-players will have much experience with it. The Cryptologic online slot game based on it has made huge waves in the world of online gambling, and players from all around the world are able to enjoy it whenever they wish to in this capacity.

Overview of Street Fighter 2 Slot

Street Fighter 2 slot is available for both free play, thanks to demo versions for the game, and that which able to return real money rewards for the time they spend playing it. It is made up of five reels and up to 25 paylines, the latter which can be set by the player. The game is provided along with special symbols; a bonus round; and other exciting game options for the player to take advantage of. Bets range from just 0.01 to 20 per line, and this makes the top bet a grand total of 500, which will particularly please high rollers.

Symbols on Offer for Cryptologic’s Street Fighter 2

The ordinary symbols for Street Fighter 2 are made up in combinations by means of the standard rules for slots games: two or three identical icons need to land alongside one another on the player’s active line, beginning on the left-hand side of the screen. The amount that the payout is able to afford the player is calculated by multiplying the player’s bet per line by the special index, indicated in the paytable which accompanies play, to a maximum of 5 000, although there are exceptions to this rule. The regular icons for the game include various pieces of equipment; amulets; and the playing card values of nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace.

Before play for Street Fighter 2 begins, one of five fighters will need to be selected to play the part of the wild; this icon will be able to replace any of the other symbols for the game except the scatter. The wild is only able to land on the second reel, and, when this occurs along with the image of the bison appearing on the fourth, the bonus game will be triggered.

The scatter is able to pay the player out no matter where on the screen it manages to land, and the amount of this payout will be calculated by multiplying the total bet by one; five; 20 or 100, for two; three; four or five scatters appearing.

Bonus Options for Street Fighter 2 Slot

The bonus game for Street Fighter 2 takes place on a separate screen, and the player will not be actively involved, enjoying it in the capacity of a viewer instead. The character previously selected by the player and the bison icon will fill the second and fourth reels completely, and behave as wild symbols when they do.

Silver Surfer slot

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Silver Surfer Slot by Cryptologic (Slots)

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from Marvel have been responsible for creating a variety of incredibly popular comic book characters, many of which have gone on to become the stuff of legend. The Silver Surfer is most certainly one of them, a superhero who goes by the name Norrin Radd in his more ordinary capacity, and he has been fascinating fans of this genre since his 1966 debut. IGN, a games and media company based in San Francisco, included him in their top 100 best comic book heroes of all times, and Silver Surfer slot is a Cryptologic game based on the tales of this champion.

Broad Overview of Silver Surfer Slot

Silver Surfer slot is a game for online players that was developed by Cryptologic, and it features five reels and nine paylines. It makes a Marvel progressive jackpot available, along with special symbols and a themed bonus game by which to reach it. Players are able to lay bets that range in amount from 0.05 to 5 on each of the game’s paylines, which allows for a top bet of 45 per spin of the  reels.

Depending on the Silver Surfer slot symbol, two or three landing alongside one another will afford the player a payout, with these icons having to line up from the first reel on the left-hand side of the game’s screen. The winning symbol combinations will need to be on an active payline in order to afford the player any wins, and the only exception to this rule is combinations that are made up of scatter icons. The maximum payoff index is a multiplication of 3 000 bets per line.

Symbols for Silver Surfer Slot by Cryptologic

The Silver Surfer slot symbols that players will be working with include icons depicting the hero for which the game is named; his antagonist Galactus; various depictions of the equipment belonging to the champion; stars; planets and asteroids.

There are also a number of special symbols available, and these will behave differently to the other icons for Silver Surfer slot:

  • The substitute or wild: an image of the Silver Surfer himself, able to appear only on the second and fourth reels. Although this icon is not able to form paid combinations on its own, it is able to stand in for other symbols for the game, helping to create winning combinations on behalf of the player in this manner. The only icon which it is not able to substitute is that of the scatter.
  • The scatter: the logo for Silver Surfer slot. When a minimum of two of these appear on the player’s screen, no matter where they happen to do so, the player will receive a payout. This amount can be calculated by multiplying the player’s total bet by the indexes of two; five; 20 or 125, for two; three; four; or five scatter symbols appearing.

Bonus Games for Silver Surfer Slot

The bonus game is presented as a round of respins that afford the player special privileges and this will activate when the substitute appears on the second and fourth reels, as long as no Galactus appears on the third. The wild will expand to fill all three of the open positions on the reels, and free spins will need to played at the current bet amount and the number of active reels that were in place when this portion of play was triggered. Free play will continue until Galactus lands on the player’s third reel.

Samba Nights slot

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Samba Nights Slots Online by Cryptologic

The samba is a Brazilian music and dance genre, and can be seen as a merge of African and European elements. The latter was delivered by means of the Spanish and Portuguese colonisers, and the African elements are present thanks to the influence of the slaves trafficked from the Congo and Angola. Samba Nights slot by Cryptologic delivers all the fun and entertainment of energetic dance routines and carnival nights to the player by means of a real money slots machine.

Format and Bets for Samba Night Slots

Samba Nights slot has five reels and 50 paylines for players to make use of, and the bets range from 0.01 to 20 per line. Those who like to keep their adrenaline pumping by means of big bets can enjoy the game right alongside those who prefer following a slower course to the finish line, and the top bet for play is a whopping 1 000.

Symbols Available for Samba Nights Slot

Samba Nights slot symbols include icons depicting people enjoying a carnival; cocktails; drums; and the playing card icons of nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace. There are also special symbols provided for play, including a wild, or substitute icon, and that of a scatter.

The wild icon for Samba Nights slot depicts a wonderful woman in a glamorous dress dancing the samba, and it is able to appear on any of the reels, forming the combinations that are paid out by the highest possible indexes when it does. It can stand in for other symbols, except the scatter, whenever it appears, and in doing so will help the player form winning combinations for the play. Additionally, whenever the wild forms part of a winning combination of symbols in this manner, the player’s payout will be doubled in value.

The scatter icon is a bird’s-eye view of a beautiful Brazilian beach, and is able to appear on the second; third and fourth reels. When it does so, the player will win the amount of two total bets-per-spin, and the bonus round will be triggered. Moreover, the beach scatter does not need to appear in these positions along an active line in order to pay the player out.

Bonus Games for Samba Nights Slot

The bonus portion of Samba Nights slot is 20 free spins, all of which will take place with the player’s bet and number of paylines the same as the round in which the activation occurred. All of the prize money the player receives as a result of successful bonus game play will be doubled, and the free spins can be retriggered.

Samba Nights slot is a colourful, entertaining video slots machine game, and will have a distinct appeal to fans of the musical genre and dance. The betting range is a good one; suitable for both more conservative players and their more daring counterparts, and the bonus round is a potentially very profitable one. It is available at a wide array of first-rate online casinos, and players can safely enjoy the benefits of this game whenever they wish to.

Platinum Pyramid slot

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Platinum Pyramid Slot by Cryptologic Online Game Developers

Platinum Pyramid slot is an online slots machine game that takes for its theme the Egyptian landscape, a very popular subject matter for games of this type. Cryptologic brings a new perspective to the subject matter, emphasising just how important the history of this mysterious land is to world culture, and allows players to enjoy it as they please for some excellent real money rewards.

Platinum Pyramid slot has five reels and up to 20 paylines available, with players being able to select how many of the latter they wish to render active for the game. It is available for both free play and that which allows for players to hold onto any winnings they accrue, and the range for bets is 0.01 to 5. The maximum bet in place for the spin of these reels is 100.

There are special symbols and free spins available for players, and the well-rendered graphic elements provide for an online gambling experience that is as entertaining as it is potentially profitable with Platinum Pyramid slot.

Paid Combinations for Platinum Pyramid Slot

The setup for payouts in Platinum Pyramid slot follow the general rules, which require that identical symbols, between two and three, depending on the symbol in question, line up alongside one another on one of the player’s rules, beginning from the left-hand side of the game’s screen. Calculations of wins are done by multiplying the index, indicated in the paytable which accompanies the game, with the player’s bet per line. The top payoff index is a multiplication of 7 000, and will be accorded to a line featuring five of the substitute symbols. As is generally the case, only the top combination on each of the player’s lines will be awarded a payout.

The symbols which players will be making use of during Platinum Pyramid slot are of the type most often used when the Egyptian theme is presented, and players of any level of experience will immediately be able to recognise them. They include pyramids; a cat; an ankh; a priest; a flower and the Eye of Gore. There are also playing card symbols in use, and the nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace will make up the lower-paying icons for play.

Payout Rules Exceptions for Platinum Pyramid Slot

There are several special icons for Platinum Pyramid slot, all of which are provided along with advanced functions. The substitute, or wild, symbol is the priest, and the scatter is an image of a platinum pyramid.

The wild will form combinations that are paid out by the top indexes, and will also be able to stand in for all of the other game icons, except the scatter, when doing so will afford the player a winning combination of icons.

Scatter symbols are able to pay players out no matter where on the screen they happen to land, and the rewards for two; three; four or five of these appearing are multiplications of one; five; 20 or 100 times the total bet.

American Roulette

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American Roulette Versus European Roulette

Real Money Roulette Aus is an extremely popular casino game, found in the majority of real world and online casinos across the world. There is, however, not one single version of roulette, with two main variations that have minor, but extremely important differences. Some casino game players are unaware of the differences, and tend to think there is only one kind of roulette, being unaware that one version has undeniable advantages over the other, as far as the player is concerned.

The first version we will discuss is widely known as the American version. American roulette came about when the original French version was adopted by casinos, and American casino owners sought a way to increase the house edge. That is to say, they sought a way to make the game more profitable to the casinos. This, of course, meant that the game had to be less profitable to players. The change made was by adding an extra pocket to the casino wheel, namely the double zero pocket. This means that American roulette has both the single zero pocket, and double zero pocket, both of which behave in the same way.

The Double Zero Pocket

The double zero pocket on American roulette wheels appears on the opposite side of the single zero pocket. Both the zero and double zero are not included in any of the combination bets, meaning that a player must specifically bet on them in order to win. It is, of course, not often done, since it makes more sense to utilise the far more generous combination bets.

Therefore, the double zero pocket offers nothing to the player, and stands only as a way to make the game more profitable for casinos. It should be noted that the American roulette wheel is not accepted in any European casinos, and is in fact widely considered to be a rather shameful attempt by American casinos to pervert the game. Thankfully, most online casinos in America, and the rest of the world, offer both versions of the game. If a person has any sense they will always insist on playing with the European wheel.

European Roulette

On the European roulette wheel, as has already been said, there is only one zero pocket. This, effectively, halves the house edge in comparison to the American version. There is another rule however, completely ignored by American casinos, that further helps to offer the player a breath of fresh air, even if the zero pocket is struck.

This rule is referred to as the en prison rule. For the en prison rule, if a player has placed a bet on evens, and the zero pocket is landed, only half of this bet is lost, with the other half remaining where it stands. The money will remain in this position for the following spin, and should it result in a win the player will get paid out accordingly. The en prison rule, therefore, effectively allows at least some chance of winning, even if the zero pocket makes an appearance.

America Poker 2

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American Poker 2

American Poker 2 is an online video poker game. It is, basically, one of the simplest and most accessible online poker games available, offering virtually nothing in terms of special effects, graphics or sound, and seeming almost primitive in an industry based around dazzling the player. What American Poker 2 does offer, however, is highly addictive game play that can be picked up in just seconds.

The theme of the game, apparently America, is almost nowhere to be found in the game itself, other then a stars and stripes log at the top of the screen. Were it not for the decorated logo the name of the game could very easily just have been poker. The sound design of the game is likewise simple and uninspiring, consisting of a few chimes and jingles to indicate cards being dealt or a round ending. But, assuming we have all accepted that this game is not going to win any awards for aesthetics audio, lets talk about what makes it so popular.

Game Play

The player decides on a bet before the cards are dealt, using the plus and minus buttons located near the bottom of the screen. Once this has been chosen, the deal button may be clicked, found at the bottom right of the screen. Five cards will appear in the play area, face down, and after a second will turn face up. Above the cards, very clearly visible, are the winning hands the player should be aiming for.

Five of a kind is the most valuable hand possible, and will also make apparent that there is a joker system in the game. The joker, simply, acts as a substitute and will fit into any hand. Upon viewing the cards the player may select to hold the cards they want, by clicking them, and may then select deal to have unwanted cards replaced. If any winning hands are achieved a payout will be mad automatically.  A new bet may now be selected and the deal button can be clicked again to start a new hand.

Special Features

The joker card in American Poker 2 has already been mentioned, and acts as one would expect. It will, always, be a welcome sight, since a winning hand is virtually guaranteed. American Poker 2 is a highly generous game, and winning hands are frequent. There is one other special feature to look out for, however, which adds a layer of intrigue to an already highly addictive game.

At the bottom of the pay table a mini-bonus is clearly listed, which will change with each hand. This mini-bonus will state the circumstances in which extra cash will be granted, and gives the player something to aim for. It may be, for example, jacks or better, which indicates the player will receive the bonus for achieving a jacks or better hand. Be warned, however, as valuable hands are often accidentally thrown away as the player scrambles to get the mini-bonus. It is always recommended to think about potentially valuable hands first and the mini-bonus second.


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Ambiance Slot Game

Ambiance is an online slot game created by Soft Bet. From the first moment of opening Ambiance it will be clear to the player it is not you average slot game. It is, in fact, one of the far more unique slot games recently released, and deserves the recognition it has been getting. The graphics in Ambiance are not exactly amazing, but they don’t need to be.

The basic graphics simply act as a visual trigger to help push the real star of the game; the astonishing interactive music. The calm, electronic rhythms start from the very first spin, and won’t stop until the game has been exited and closed. The player wont be exiting very quickly though, as they will soon learn that the spinning itself is what keeps the music ticking, evolving, and gradually changing. Every symbol in the game even has its own individual chime, which plays if that image lands in the play area.

This means, fascinatingly, a sharp eared player could get through the entire game without opening their eyes. In terms of game play Ambiance uses a standard five reel, twenty play line system, but does not allow the player to select individual lines. All twenty lines are always used, which is a bit of a disappointment for an otherwise excellent experience.

Standard Play Symbols                         

It has already been said that the graphics in Ambiance are not mind blowing, but they certainly are very striking. Each symbol is created by a string of neon light, making it easily recognisable and identifiable. The most valuable symbol is the green triple music note, which will grant an enormous amount if matched with itself the maximum of five times.

This is followed by a yellow double note, a pink single note, and a red simplified single music note. The least valuable symbols in the game are the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. It must be said that in such an outstanding game it is a little regrettable that the developers did not come up with something more original then the playing card clichés.


In terms of bonus wins in Ambiance you’ll want to turn your attention to the scatter symbols and wild symbols. The scatter symbol is recognisable as multicoloured music note, and will match in any location on the play reels, regardless of its position. A three times match will grant a small jackpot, while a five times scatter symbol match is the biggest payout in the game.

The wild symbol, recognisable as the written word wild, will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. It may not match with itself, which is a bit sly since this courtesy is granted in other games, but will more often then not play a part in most of the wins in the game. Lastly, the player will want to pay attention to one other feature in the game, although it is strictly based around enjoyment. The extended play feature. The longer the player participates in the game without quitting, the more the music and visuals will change, giving reason for a person to keep spinning well into the night.

Amazon Queen

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Amazon Queen Slot Game

Amazon Queen is a slot game created by WMS Gaming. It is most well known for its protagonist character, the so called Amazon Queen, who seems remarkably well groomed for a lady said to live alone in the jungle. This is a game though, of course, and no one is going to ask such questions while the gorgeous lady dances across the reels.

The graphics in the game are decent all round, although not as good as some other games, and the seductive lady, her gorilla friends, and the other symbol images in the game, are all highly detailed at pleasing to look at. The sound, however, is not nearly as good as the graphics, and the repetitive jingles and old school beeps and bloops quickly becoming annoying. It is recommended turning the sound off and simply focusing on the images. In terms of game play a five reel, twenty betting line system is used.

The player is also granted the freedom to select individual lines on which to bet, which adds layers of strategy and is always a welcome sight for those who enjoy a hands on approach. Amazon Queen is available on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Game Play In Detail

The most valuable standard symbol in the game is not, oddly, the Amazon Queen. It is instead her majestic looking gorilla friend. The gorilla icon can be matched three, four, or five times, with a five time matching sequence granting a decent payout. Other picture symbols of value include the leopard, parrot and snake, in descending value.

The remaining symbols of the game are the classic card suit icons, hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. These symbols, although pleasantly stylised to fit the game, have very little value, and offer only small payouts when matched even the maximum of five times.

Bonuses And Specials

The Amazon Queen symbol is the bonus feature in this game, and although often appearing in the play area to ensure that the world sees her rear end as much as possible, she will only payout if matching at least three times.  Upon the Amazon Queen matching a mini-game will be triggered, which will open a second window.

The player must select from the options given to reveal prizes beneath, which will gather and be granted at the end of the bonus session. The second special card to note is the wild symbol, represented as an image of a section of jungle. The wild symbol may match with any other symbol and stand as a substitute, helping to form matching sequences. A matching sequence may consist of, for example, two snakes and a wild, which will payout as if it were three snakes. The wild symbol may also match with itself up to five times, which is the single biggest payout possible in the game. Note that the Amazon Queen does not have any progressive jackpot features, which is a little disappointing since even the biggest payout is not as large as some other games. In terms of game play, however, Amazon queen is a highly enjoyable experience backed by an interesting theme.