Ambiance Slot Game

Ambiance is an online slot game created by Soft Bet. From the first moment of opening Ambiance it will be clear to the player it is not you average slot game. It is, in fact, one of the far more unique slot games recently released, and deserves the recognition it has been getting. The graphics in Ambiance are not exactly amazing, but they don’t need to be.

The basic graphics simply act as a visual trigger to help push the real star of the game; the astonishing interactive music. The calm, electronic rhythms start from the very first spin, and won’t stop until the game has been exited and closed. The player wont be exiting very quickly though, as they will soon learn that the spinning itself is what keeps the music ticking, evolving, and gradually changing. Every symbol in the game even has its own individual chime, which plays if that image lands in the play area.

This means, fascinatingly, a sharp eared player could get through the entire game without opening their eyes. In terms of game play Ambiance uses a standard five reel, twenty play line system, but does not allow the player to select individual lines. All twenty lines are always used, which is a bit of a disappointment for an otherwise excellent experience.

Standard Play Symbols                         

It has already been said that the graphics in Ambiance are not mind blowing, but they certainly are very striking. Each symbol is created by a string of neon light, making it easily recognisable and identifiable. The most valuable symbol is the green triple music note, which will grant an enormous amount if matched with itself the maximum of five times.

This is followed by a yellow double note, a pink single note, and a red simplified single music note. The least valuable symbols in the game are the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. It must be said that in such an outstanding game it is a little regrettable that the developers did not come up with something more original then the playing card clichés.


In terms of bonus wins in Ambiance you’ll want to turn your attention to the scatter symbols and wild symbols. The scatter symbol is recognisable as multicoloured music note, and will match in any location on the play reels, regardless of its position. A three times match will grant a small jackpot, while a five times scatter symbol match is the biggest payout in the game.

The wild symbol, recognisable as the written word wild, will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. It may not match with itself, which is a bit sly since this courtesy is granted in other games, but will more often then not play a part in most of the wins in the game. Lastly, the player will want to pay attention to one other feature in the game, although it is strictly based around enjoyment. The extended play feature. The longer the player participates in the game without quitting, the more the music and visuals will change, giving reason for a person to keep spinning well into the night.