Amazon Queen Slot Game

Amazon Queen is a slot game created by WMS Gaming. It is most well known for its protagonist character, the so called Amazon Queen, who seems remarkably well groomed for a lady said to live alone in the jungle. This is a game though, of course, and no one is going to ask such questions while the gorgeous lady dances across the reels.

The graphics in the game are decent all round, although not as good as some other games, and the seductive lady, her gorilla friends, and the other symbol images in the game, are all highly detailed at pleasing to look at. The sound, however, is not nearly as good as the graphics, and the repetitive jingles and old school beeps and bloops quickly becoming annoying. It is recommended turning the sound off and simply focusing on the images. In terms of game play a five reel, twenty betting line system is used.

The player is also granted the freedom to select individual lines on which to bet, which adds layers of strategy and is always a welcome sight for those who enjoy a hands on approach. Amazon Queen is available on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Game Play In Detail

The most valuable standard symbol in the game is not, oddly, the Amazon Queen. It is instead her majestic looking gorilla friend. The gorilla icon can be matched three, four, or five times, with a five time matching sequence granting a decent payout. Other picture symbols of value include the leopard, parrot and snake, in descending value.

The remaining symbols of the game are the classic card suit icons, hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. These symbols, although pleasantly stylised to fit the game, have very little value, and offer only small payouts when matched even the maximum of five times.

Bonuses And Specials

The Amazon Queen symbol is the bonus feature in this game, and although often appearing in the play area to ensure that the world sees her rear end as much as possible, she will only payout if matching at least three times.  Upon the Amazon Queen matching a mini-game will be triggered, which will open a second window.

The player must select from the options given to reveal prizes beneath, which will gather and be granted at the end of the bonus session. The second special card to note is the wild symbol, represented as an image of a section of jungle. The wild symbol may match with any other symbol and stand as a substitute, helping to form matching sequences. A matching sequence may consist of, for example, two snakes and a wild, which will payout as if it were three snakes. The wild symbol may also match with itself up to five times, which is the single biggest payout possible in the game. Note that the Amazon Queen does not have any progressive jackpot features, which is a little disappointing since even the biggest payout is not as large as some other games. In terms of game play, however, Amazon queen is a highly enjoyable experience backed by an interesting theme.